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Homer Harbor Fish Grinder


In 1987, the Division of Sport Fish assisted the City of Homer (City) with the installation of fish cleaning tables in their harbor (project F-13-D-3). The tables were installed on the harbor mooring floats. Soon after installation, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation objected to the practice of disposing fish waste in the harbor due to the poor flushing action and resultant accumulation of fish waste on the harbor bottom. The tables were moved to an upland location and carcass trailers were provided to collect the fish waste. The fish waste was hauled, on a daily basis, to the City Dock outside the harbor for dumping. However, the amount of fish waste that was being dumped by the City exceeded U.S. Environmental Protection Agency limits. This project helped the City to properly dispose of fish waste, much of which results from sport anglers harvests.

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Fish grinder building
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New carcass trailer
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Grinding facility - Interior View 1
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Grinding facility - Interior View 2


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The objective of this project was to construct an industrial fish waste grinder and building to house it, and a fish cleaning table and fish carcass trailer located on the uplands within the Homer harbor area. The City had a previously constructed carcass trailer. However, another trailer was needed in order to keep up with the sheer volume of fish waste at the cleaning tables and to transport the resultant fish waste from the fish cleaning table areas to the grinder.


The project was completed in June 2001. The improved fish cleaning facilities helped the City meet current and increasing sport angler need and brought the harbor into compliance with EPA regulations. The metal building that was constructed to house the grinder provides security and protection for the equipment. All fish waste that is ground is flushed to an underwater outfall located off the Homer harbor deep-water dock.