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Cooper Landing


The Cooper Landing boat launch is located on the south bank of the Kenai River (river mile 82) at the outlet of Kenai Lake, and can be accessed via the Sterling Highway (milepost 48.4). The site provides boating access to Kenai Lake (upstream of the ramp) and the Kenai River (downstream of the ramp). The original Cooper Landing boat launch ramp and scenic turnout was completed in August of 1997 via Federal Aid project F-13-D-41 and an Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facility Federal Highway project. Original improvements included an improved access road away from the bridge curve, concrete-plank ramp, large paved parking and maneuvering areas, two vaulted toilets, pedestrian boardwalks, and on-site host cabin. The facilities are accessible by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Through use of the ramp, it was discovered that strong crosscurrents and standing waves created by high water conditions on the above-grade portion of the ramp made launching and retrieving boats challenging. The Cooper Landing Ramp Modification project addressed this concern.

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Boat ramp, aerial view
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Boat ramp
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Parking area
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Grate walkway


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The objective of the project was to construct an alternate ramp surface to allow boaters to launch and retrieve in calmer water off the downstream side of the existing ramp when the river overflows.


Construction work was completed in 2002 and provided a 24-feet wide by 40-feet long articulated concrete mat adjacent to the existing boat ramp, a smooth transition zone between the mat and concrete planks, and interpretive signs that explain how the ramp modification is intended to function. Safer and more orderly launching from this facility can now be accomplished when the Kenai River water level is above normal.