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Manley Hot Springs

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Original latrine replaced with this project


The village of Manley Hot Springs is located in the central interior of Alaska near the end of the Elliot Highway bordering Hot Springs Slough just north of the Tanana River. The Tanana River flows approximately 564 miles from its headwaters in the Wrangell Mountains to its confluence with the Yukon River at the village of Tanana approximately 67 miles downstream of the village of Manley Hot Springs. The river is heavily used for recreational motorized boating and sport angling and serves as a boating access corridor to the Yukon River as well as several nearby tributaries. Boating access near the village occurs at Manley Hot Springs Landing, which is located approximately 3 miles from the village center at the end of the Elliot Hwy. and consists of an unimproved launch ramp. This project improved sanitation services at the Landing by replacing the previously existing plywood outhouse pit latrine which was completely inadequate to meet the needs of the users in the area. The existing latrine was plywood constructed, was not ADA compliant, did not provide adequate ventilation, and was in poor shape.

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Newly installed latrine
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Aerial view


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The objective of this project was to purchase and install a pre-cast concrete single vaulted latrine.


The successful completion of this project was the result of cooperation and coordination between numerous entities both private and public. The Bean Ridge Corporation granted an easement for placement of the toilet facility on corporation land. Over the summer of 2010 the Manley Village Council performed site preparation services to enable installation of the new latrine. A contractor arrived onsite in July 2011 and installed the new toilet facility. As a side benefit to this project the area prepped to allow access for the toilet installation resulted in some much needed additional parking for the recreational boating and angling public using the site.