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Lower Cook Inlet Finfish – December 8-11, 2013

Comment Deadline: November 19, 2013

Location: Anchorage – Egan Civic & Convention Center

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 198 kB) Selected LCI Area Management Plans and Associated Provisions
RC005 (PDF 1,467 kB) ADFG Groundfish Comment Index
RC006 (PDF 246 kB) USFWS Comments on LCI Management Plan
RC007 (PDF 75 kB) Roland Maw Cured Salmon Egg Study
RC008 (PDF 248 kB) Petition to Amend SSFP
RC009 (PDF 19 kB) Mat Valley AC Comments
RC010 (PDF 183 kB) UCIDA Cummulative Salmon Mortality Part A
RC011 (PDF 194 kB) Salmon Mortality Part B
RC012 (PDF 86 kB) Beaver Nelson-Support of 77
RC013 (PDF 202 kB) Public Testimony List
RC014 (PDF 69 kB) Committee A Report
RC015 (PDF 222 kB) Committee B Summary
RC016 (PDF 49 kB) KRSA Comments on 82,83,84
RC017 (PDF 492 kB) YDFDA Emergency Petition-Request
RC018 (PDF 97 kB) ADFG Licenses and Angler Days
RC019 (PDF 114 kB) Substitute Language Prop 77
RC020 (PDF 84 kB) Substitute Language Prop 78
RC021 (PDF 55 kB) ADFG Comments on YDFDA Petition
RC022 (PDF 49 kB) Sport Harvest Information
RC023 (PDF 23 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 61
RC024 (PDF 19 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 64
RC025 (PDF 24 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 67
RC026 (PDF 26 kB) SHA Sport Fish Management
RC027 (PDF 81 kB) Gene Sandone Credentials
RC028 (PDF 77 kB) Seine Use on Lower Columbia
RC029 (PDF 88 kB) Setnet Ballot Initiative Information
RC030 (PDF 26 kB) Comments on Dept Comments RE Seine Petition
RC031 (PDF 30 kB) Comment on Seine Petition
RC032 (PDF 41 kB) Comments on Prop 59
RC033 (PDF 74 kB) Comments on Prop 82-84
RC034 (PDF 46 kB) Oppose 43 Support 44
RC035 (PDF 18 kB) Substitute Language Prop 59
RC036 (PDF 19 kB) Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC037 (PDF 22 kB) AC Recommendations Policy
RC038 (PDF 14 kB) Yukon River Summer Chum Management Plan

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