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Bristol Bay Finfish

November 29–December 3, 2022

Location: Anchorage – Dena'ina Center

Comment due date: November 14, 2022

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

CFEC Report - Bristol Bay Salmon Fisheries 1975-2021 (PDF 1,621 kB)

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 204 kB)

Department of Law Comments (PDF 92 kB)

Meeting Proposals

Bristol Bay Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Bristol Bay Finfish | Hide Category Bristol Bay Finfish

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 1,512 kB) Nushagak King Salmon Action Plan
RC005 (PDF 795 kB) 2022-11-10 Approved Minutes Togiak AC
RC006 (PDF 697 kB) 2022-11-14 Approved Nushagak AC Minutes
RC007 (PDF 661 kB) OBI Seafoods BOF BB Comments
RC008 (PDF 1,490 kB) Bristol Bay Economic Development Corp Importance of Bristol Bay Salmon Fisheries to the Region
RC009 (PDF 1,500 kB) John Carlin Mulchatna River fishing ops map
RC010 (PDF 739 kB) Jimmy Coopchiak Testimony
RC011 (PDF 630 kB) BRISTOL BAY NA support to defer action Nushagak Salmon Action Plan
RC012 (PDF 4,613 kB) Matt Marinkovich Prop55 boundaries
RC013 (PDF 1,723 kB) Matt Maritkovich-Proposal 56
RC014 (PDF 2,368 kB) Elizabeth Moore Applied Inference re NK Allocation & Hammond letter
RC015 (PDF 636 kB) Moses Toyukak RC Proposals 36, 29, and 48
RC016 (PDF 1,058 kB) BBEDC Finfish Position Summary
RC017 (PDF 654 kB) ADFG-Marit Carlson-Van Dort Personal Use Data
RC018 (PDF 2,470 kB) Joel Ludwig Props35,42-44,46,47,49-54&55
RC019 (PDF 627 kB) Moses Kritz RC Prop29&48
RC020 (PDF 696 kB) Dunaway Comment to BOF 11-29-22
RC021 (PDF 637 kB) Frank Woods BOF testimony 2022 final
RC022 (PDF 741 kB) Joseph Faith Comments On Proposals 42 43 46 and 47
RC023 (PDF 1,329 kB) Joseph Faith Proposal Comments On Proposal 41
RC024 (PDF 287 kB) Patricia Edel Creel Study Angler Effort 1
RC025 (PDF 610 kB) M Jackson Fall Line Fisheries re Nushugak King Action Plan
RC026 (PDF 1,548 kB) Ugashik Village Setnetters Supp for Prop33
RC027 (PDF 582 kB) Heath Lyon Testimony
RC028 (PDF 606 kB) Nanci Morris-Lyon 2022 BOF Testimony
RC029 (PDF 886 kB) ADFG for Board member Wood-example Action Plan delisting criteria
RC030 (PDF 626 kB) Maurice Enright Opp to Prop33
RC031 (PDF 581 kB) Joshua Greene delay Nushagak King Salmon Action Plan
RC032 (PDF 632 kB) Dennis Nelson testimony
RC033 (PDF 824 kB) Patricia Edel Creel Study Angler Effort Rainbow Trout
RC034 (PDF 644 kB) Kenneth Nukwak Props 35&36
RC035 (PDF 632 kB) Heidi Dunlap Nush kings
RC036 (PDF 639 kB) Heidi Dunlap towline limit
RC037 (PDF 444 kB) Maurice Enright Ugashik Village Setnet sites
RC038 (PDF 719 kB) J Johnson Katmai Trophy Lodge Naknek River Comments
RC039 (PDF 600 kB) Nicholas Dowie Props 12,41&61
RC040 (PDF 152 kB) John OConnor Supp Prop 41
RC041 (PDF 631 kB) ADFG Board Member Carpenter Substitute Language for Proposal 55
RC042 (PDF 702 kB) Trident Seafoods Comment BOF Bristol Bay Finfish 2022
RC043 (PDF 607 kB) Naknek kvichak AC Letter to BOF
RC044 (PDF 587 kB) Aiden Brehan PC8,30&75Corrections re Prop 40
RC045 (PDF 586 kB) Samuel Ekwurtzel Nushagak SOC Proposals
RC046 (PDF 602 kB) Rex Capri Nushagak Action Plan response
RC047 (PDF 580 kB) Casey Knight Nush King Action Plan
RC048 (PDF 645 kB) Andy Wink BBRSDA BOF Comment
RC049 (PDF 781 kB) ADFG Board Member Wood Age&Size Trends
RC050 (PDF 675 kB) Togiak AC Proposal 29 Amendment 1
RC051 (PDF 653 kB) ADFG for Board Member Carlson-Van Dort Nushagak Area Subsistence Restrictions 1990-2022
RC052 (PDF 50 kB) Mikal Mathisen Comments on proposals 42-47
RC053 (PDF 43 kB) Bill Manos Comments on Proposals 36-38
RC054 (PDF 297 kB) Corey Arnold Kvichak Setnetters Assoc Opposition to Proposal 57
RC055 (PDF 31 kB) James Johnson Comments on proposals 27 and 28
RC056 (PDF 67 kB) Moses Kritz proposal 29 ammendment option 3
RC057 (PDF 119 kB) Marty Jacques E&E Foods Proposal 33
RC058 (PDF 93 kB) Frank Woods Dual Permit Operation Earnings
RC059 (PDF 15 kB) Rick Wysocki Ammendment to Proposal 35
RC060 (PDF 15 kB) Lindsay Layland Proposal 35 Amendment
RC061 (PDF 104 kB) Hatty Albecker Ugashik Village Setnetters Proposal 33
RC062 (PDF 633 kB) Kevin Currier Comments on proposals
RC063 (PDF 57 kB) Patricia Edel Proposal 17 Draft Regulatory Language
RC064 (PDF 166 kB) Moses Kritz Proposal 29 ammendment option 2
RC065 (PDF 123 kB) Christine OConnor John OConnor and Nicholas Dowie Photo of Erosion Ekuk Beach
RC066 (PDF 15 kB) Moses Kritz Substitute Language for Proposal 29
RC067 (PDF 2,729 kB) Katherine Carscallen Permit Stacking Proposals 46 and 47
RC068 (PDF 1,206 kB) Dan Dunaway Comment on Proposal 27
RC069 (PDF 51 kB) ADFG for Board member Jensen Substitute Language Proposal 28
RC070 (PDF 104 kB) Gary Cline BBEDC Permit Loan Program Data RE D Permits
RC071 (PDF 82 kB) Shayan Rohani Kvichak Setnetters Assoc Comments Proposal 40
RC072 (PDF 105 kB) Maio Nishkian Proposal 34 Comments
RC073 (PDF 12 kB) Matt Marinkovich Support RC041 Substitute Language for Proposal 55
RC074 (PDF 257 kB) Joel Ludwig Bristol Bay Permit Holders Support of Proposal 46-47 and 49-54
RC075 (PDF 50 kB) John OConnor Et Al Revised Proposal 41
RC076 (PDF 3,547 kB) John OConnor Revised Waypoint for Revised Proposal 41
RC077 (PDF 189 kB) Corey Arnold Kvichak Setnetters Assoc Map of Kvichak District RE Proposal 40
RC078 (PDF 339 kB) Matt Marinkovich Proposal 54 Late Season Managament Plan
RC079 (PDF 43 kB) Matt Marinkovich Proposal 56 Amendment
RC080 (PDF 50 kB) Alexander TallekPalek Proposal 40 Comments
RC081 (PDF 34 kB) Aidan Brehan Comments on Proposal 40
RC082 (PDF 41 kB) Nanci Morris-Lyon Sport Proposal Consensus
RC083 (PDF 18 kB) Matt Marinkovich Substitute Language Proposal 56
RC084 (PDF 69 kB) John OConnor Draft Substitute Language Proposal 41
RC085 (PDF 3,533 kB) John OConnor Proposal 41 Waypoint Map
RC086 (PDF 30 kB) Fritz Johnson Long Tow Lines Wanton Waste
RC087 (PDF 35 kB) Fritz Johnson Bristol Bay Permit Stacking
RC088 (PDF 46 kB) Corey Boon Nushagak King Salmon Action Plan
RC089 (PDF 2,360 kB) Matt Marinkovich Proposal 55
RC090 (PDF 40 kB) ADFG for Board Member Carlson-Van Dort Midpoint Date Togiak River escapement 2000-2022
RC091 (PDF 54 kB) Shayan Rohani Kvichak Setnetters Assoc Proposal 40 ammended language
RC092 (PDF 484 kB) Albert N. Ball Jr. Example Fish Tickets Proposal 31-32
RC093 (PDF 38 kB) Shayan Rohani Kvichak Setnetters Assoc Proposal 40 ammended Language updated
RC094 (PDF 597 kB) ADFG for Board Member Carlson-Van Dort Substitute Language Proposal 36
RC095 (PDF 110 kB) ADFG for Boardmember Carlson-Van Dort Substitute language Proposal 48
RC096 (PDF 103 kB) ADFG for Board Member Carpenter Substitute language Proposal 30
RC097 (PDF 43 kB) Kavik Anderson Tow Line Proposals 36-38
RC098 (PDF 157 kB) Kavik Anderson Et Al Tow Line Proposals 36-38
RC099 (PDF 653 kB) Member Wood Substitute language proposal 20 and 29
RC100 (PDF 619 kB) Member Carlson van Dort Substitute Language Proposal 35
RC101 (PDF 42 kB) ADFG for Board Member Carlson-Van Dort Revised RC084 Substitute Language Proposal 41
RC102 (PDF 75 kB) Joseph Faith Comments on Proposal 41
RC103 (PDF 251 kB) Nanci Morris-Lyon Amended RC82 Sport Proposal Consensus
RC104 (PDF 298 kB) Bill Manos Support RC98
RC105 (PDF 58 kB) ADFG for Board Member Mitchell Substitute Language Proposal 31
RC106 (PDF 20 kB) Stosh Anderson Amended Language Proposal 52
RC107 (PDF 53 kB) ADFG for Board Member Mitchell Substitute Language Proposal 24
RC108 (PDF 32 kB) Aiden Brehan Comments on RC 93 Proposal 40
RC109 (PDF 90 kB) ADFG Boards Public Testimony Log
RC110 (PDF 87 kB) Stosh Anderson Et Al Support RC 106 Amended Language Proposal 52
RC111 (PDF 44 kB) Kavik Anderson Proposal 36
RC112 (PDF 755 kB) ADFG Boards Miscellaneous Business Agenda Bristol Bay 2022
RC113 (PDF 148 kB) ADFG Boards Record Copy Log

Meeting Audio

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