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Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish: January 15-19, 2019

Comment due date: Jan. 2, 2019
Location: Anchorage – Sheraton Hotel
Training opportunity: Tuesday, January 15 (first meeting day). Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process (PDF 3,395 kB) during the lunch break in the main meeting area. The training will occur roughly ten minutes after the noon break and last approximately one hour. All are welcome. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

Meeting Summary (PDF 339 kB)


Department Reports


Dept. of Law Memo (PDF 48 kB)


Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish | Hide Category Arctic/Yukon/Kuskokwim Finfish

Documents relating to Proposal 175

Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 36 kB) ADF&G Nushagak Coho mgmt plan BGP
RC005 (PDF 166 kB) GASH AC Minutes 2019 January 11
RC006 (PDF 446 kB) NNS AC Meeting Minutes
RC007 (PDF 1,962 kB) Territorial Sportsmen Comments Prop 176
RC008 (PDF 60 kB) Chariton Epchook Comments Prop 120
RC009 (PDF 155 kB) Tanana Rampart Manley AC Finalized Minutes
RC010 (PDF 124 kB) Yukon River InterTribal Fish Commission Addendum Prop 100
RC011 (PDF 89 kB) ADF&G Hatchery Committee Agenda
RC012 (PDF 47 kB) Becky Hassebroek Comments Prop. 78
RC013 (PDF 134 kB) Becky Hassebroek Comments Props 63 64 65 66 67 69
RC014 (PDF 178 kB) Francis Thompson Comments on Yukon River Proposals
RC015 (PDF 84 kB) Jim Simon Comments on Prop 94
RC016 (PDF 74 kB) Tiffany Agayar Testimony on Yukon Proposals
RC017 (PDF 51 kB) Stanley Pete Testimony on Prop 94
RC018 (PDF 13 kB) John H. Lamont Request to Withdraw Props 98 and 100
RC019 (PDF 207 kB) ADF&G Revised pages report SP BOF 2018-06
RC020 (PDF 187 kB) ADF&G Boards Support Revised Index of Comments
RC021 (PDF 348 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Map Prop 176
RC022 (PDF 72 kB) Gene Sandone YDFDA Comments Yukon Props.
RC023 (PDF 216 kB) Orutsararmiut Traditional Native Council Kuskokwim Proposals
RC024 (PDF 29 kB) Fairbanks AC Sub Language Prop 73
RC025 (PDF 42 kB) Alissa Rogers Sub Language Prop 114
RC026 (PDF 31 kB) Alissa Rogers Sub Language Prop 122
RC027 (PDF 32 kB) Alissa Rogers Clarification Prop 113
RC028 (PDF 30 kB) Alissa Rogers Donlin Gold Mine Opposition
RC029 (PDF 18 kB) Alissa Rogers FSB Comment
RC030 (PDF 138 kB) ADF&G Draft Finding 2-19 295 FB Guided Sport Fishing Registration & Logbooks
RC031 (PDF 14 kB) Northern Norton Sound AC withdraw Prop 123
RC032 (PDF 329 kB) Mark Leary Lower Kuskokwim Pop Info
RC033 (PDF 41 kB) ADF&G Public Testimony Log
RC034 (PDF 9 kB) Nick Kameroff Prop. 111
RC035 (PDF 40 kB) ADF&G for Morisky Sub Language Prop 69
RC036 (PDF 408 kB) SEAFA Misc Sport and Commercial Props
RC037 (PDF 37 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub Language Prop 90
RC038 (PDF 36 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 80
RC039 (PDF 34 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 79
RC040 (PDF 37 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 85
RC041 (PDF 105 kB) ADF&G for Cain Sub Language Prop 176
RC042 (PDF 271 kB) ADF&G for Cain Sub Language Prop 175
RC043 (PDF 135 kB) Alaska Trollers Assoc Prop 176
RC044 (PDF 154 kB) ADF&G for Payton Sub Language Prop 88
RC045 (PDF 24 kB) Quinn-Davidson Sub Language Prop 95
RC046 (PDF 43 kB) Sandone Quinn Davidson Sub Language Prop 96
RC047 (PDF 613 kB) ADF&G for Cain Sub Language Prop 176
RC048 (PDF 30 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 73
RC049 (PDF 63 kB) ADF&G for Huntington Proposed Language Prop 178
RC050 (PDF 29 kB) Sandone and Quinn-Davidson Sub Language Prop 86
RC051 (PDF 262 kB) ADF&G for Payton Data Request Props 102-104
RC052 (PDF 71 kB) Northern Norton Sound AC Sub Language Prop 125
RC053 (PDF 28 kB) Quinn-Davidson Amended Language Prop 93
RC054 (PDF 63 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 89
RC055 (PDF 291 kB) City of Kenai & Soldotna Reconsider Meeting Location 2020
RC056 (PDF 274 kB) Kenai Peninsula Borough Upper Cook Inlet BOF
RC057 (PDF 55 kB) KPEDD Upper Cook Inlet BOF
RC058 (PDF 344 kB) Kenai Peninsula Fishermens Assoc Upper Cook Inlet BOF
RC059 (PDF 101 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Additional Language Prop 176
RC060 (PDF 168 kB) ADF&G for Payton Sub Language Prop 124 125 126
RC061 (PDF 61 kB) Quinn-Davidson for Huntington Statement of Support Religious and Ceremonial Use of King Salmon
RC062 (PDF 36 kB) Jesse Settlemyer Cook Inlet BOF
RC063 (PDF 84 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 124 125 126
RC064 (PDF 101 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub Language Prop 82 & 83
RC065 (PDF 237 kB) NNS AC Supplementary data for Prop 127
RC066 (PDF 75 kB) Bristol Bay Economic Development Corp Nushagak Coho Mgmt Plan
RC067 (PDF 380 kB) Silver Bay Seafoods Comments on BOF Hatchery Committee Agenda
RC068 (PDF 716 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Cook Inlet Salmon Committee Report
RC069 (PDF 138 kB) ADF&G for BOF Religious and Ceremonial Salmon Use
RC070 (PDF 73 kB) ADF&G Misc Buisness Agenda
RC071 (PDF 3,408 kB) ADF&G Additional Info for Prop 175
RC072 (PDF 62 kB) ADF&G Record Copy Log

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