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Fairbanks Hunter Education Indoor Shooting Range

Volunteer Hunter Ed Instructor

Are you an avid hunter? Bow Hunter? Do you have specials skills in outdoor survival, or firearms safety? What about muzzleloading? Do you get satisfaction from passing on our hunting heritage to others? If any of this applies to you, you might be interested in volunteering as a Hunter Education or Bow Hunter Education Instructor for the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game!
FOR MORE INFO email Bob Hunter, the Region III Hunter Education Coordinator. (Phone 459-7375.)

Volunteer Range Ambassador

Range Ambassadors are individuals nominated and recognized by their peers as outstanding representatives of safe, conscientious and responsible shooters at the range. In order to be eligible for an Ambassador position, individuals must be certified as a Range Safety Officer, Firearms Instructor, or Hunter Education Instructor.
FOR MORE INFO stop by the range and inquire.

Volunteer League Officer

AIM-COMM League Officers run the firing line during league matches, chair league meetings, organize tournaments and awards, and are active with many other league events. If you are a league member and would like to participate more, this is for you!
FOR MORE INFO stop by the range.

Volunteer League Assistant

AIM-COMM League Assistants help out each match with scoring targets, running the scoreboard, assisting on the firing line and with many other activities. If you are a league member or would like to learn more about league shooting, this is for you!
FOR MORE INFO stop by the range.

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