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Mission and Core Services

Contribution to Department Mission

The mission of the Division of Wildlife Conservation is to conserve and enhance Alaska's wildlife and habitats and provide for a wide range of public uses and benefits.

Core Services

  • Population Assessment and Applied Research: Survey and inventory wildlife populations to inform conservation and regulatory actions; also, develop methods and means to minimize impacts on animals while gathering data needed to manage their populations and habitats.
  • Harvest Management and Harvest Information: Maintain and enhance the harvest of wildlife resources for subsistence and general use, as well as commercial purposes such as guiding and trapping, according to plans and regulations; maintain and administer databases on hunting-related lotteries, drawings, scoring, and allocation.
  • Wildlife Information, Education, Viewing, and Permitting Services: Issue scientific, educational and special use permits and provide regulatory, technical, planning and other support services to a variety of users, including educators, researchers, nonresident visitors, and wildlife control officers at public facilities such as airports.
  • Habitat Enhancement and Management: Conduct habitat enhancement and restoration projects where appropriate to maintain and enhance wildlife populations; manage state wildlife refuges, sanctuaries and critical habitat areas to protect and maintain fish and wildlife, their habitats, and public use of these species and areas.

Division of Wildlife Conservation, Headquarters Office
Phone 907-465-4190, Fax 907-465-6142
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