Employee Awards

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game includes more than 1,700 employees throughout the state. Our staff work hard to sustain Alaska’s resources, and we are proud to honor those that go above and beyond. Each division has implemented Director's awards that can be issued yearly. The Governor's office has also implemented the Governor's Denali Peak Performance Awards which many of our staff have received. In addition, outside entities sometimes acknowledge our staff with various awards, and we have attempted to highlight these as information is available.

Photos of Divisional award winners

Divisional Awards:

Administrative Services


  • Susan Cloudy, Meritorious Service Award
  • Leah Lakip, Administration and Support Services Award
  • Christine Vaughan, Supervision, Leadership, and Mentorship Award


  • Trisha Varela, Meritorious Service Award
  • Margaret Lavender, Administration and Support Services Award
  • Kurt Savikko, Supervision, Leadership, and Mentorship Award
  • Kris Wright, Special Recognition

Commercial Fisheries

Director's Achievement Awards

The award for Outstanding Service is given to employees whose performance is clearly superior to that of similar positions or to employees who made significant contributions to the division that year. The award for Meritorious Service is the highest award given by the division to a single employee who has shown excellence in his or her work over an extended period of service. Select a year below to see more information on Division of Commercial Fisheries awards recipients.

2016 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Tim Baker, Meritorious Service Award
  • Scott Walker, Outstanding Service Award
  • Scott Johnson, Outstanding Service Award
  • Central Region Vessels Program, Outstanding Service Award
    David Anderson, James Wiese, Ted Jewell, and David Knight
  • Jenefer Bell, Outstanding Service Award
  • Doug Pengilly, Outstanding Service Award

2014 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Gordie Woods, Meritorious Service Award
  • David Gordon, Outstanding Service Award
  • Ted Otis, Outstanding Service Award
  • Dr. Katie Howard, Outstanding Service Award
  • Dan Wilson, Outstanding Service Award
  • Sam Rabung, Outstanding Service Award

2013 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Andy Barclay, Outstanding Service Award
  • Judy Berger, Meritorious Service Award
  • Robin Gardner, Outstanding Service Award
  • Bruce McIntosh, Outstanding Service Award
  • Jim and Melanie O'Rourke, Outstanding Service Award
  • Mike Vaughn, Outstanding Service Award

2012 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Bill Davidson, Meritorious Service Award
  • Shellene Hutter, Outstanding Service Award
  • Iris Frank, Outstanding Service Award
  • Shannon Royse, Outstanding Service Award
  • Chris Shelden, Outstanding Service Award
  • Kally Spalinger, Outstanding Service Award
  • Kuskokwim Fisheries Team, Special Events Award
    Kevin Schaberg, Travis Elison, Chris Shelden, Zach Liller, Brittany Blain, Doug Bue, Brian Latham, Scott Ayers, Amy Brodersen, Janet Bavilla, Alice Bailey, Colton Lipka, Steven Hall, and Cameron Lignau

2011 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Roger Dunbar, Meritorious Service Award
  • Russell Sandstrom, Outstanding Service Award
  • Mark Willette, Outstanding Service Award
  • Nick Sagalkin, Outstanding Service Award
  • Gene Conservation Laboratory - Anchorage, Outstanding Service Award
    Andy Barclay, Judy Berger, Wei Cheng, Christine Cupp, Tyler Dann, Nick DeCovich, Lisa Fox, Sara Gilk-Baumer, Stew Grant, Zachary Grauvogel, Chris Habicht, Tara Harrington, Heather Hoyt, Jim Jasper, Paul Kuriscak, Eric Lardizabal, Heather Liller, Kathryn Mohrmann, Eric Newland, April Rochford, Serena Rogers, Ty Spaulding, Bill Templin, Bruce Whelan, Brian Collyard, Cloe Dunlap, Drew Hamilton, Tracy Hansen, Shane Hertzog, Chase Jalbert, Chase Korsmo, Colton Liptka, Casey McConnell, Melanie O’Rourke, Jim O’Rourke, Jordan Palmer, Zac Pechacek, Jed Konsor, and Sarah Turner

2010 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Doug Molyneaux, Meritorious Service Award
  • Dr. Shareef Siddeek, Outstanding Service Award
  • Molly Kemp, Outstanding Service Award
  • Nick Olmsted, Outstanding Service Award
  • Katie Sechrist, Outstanding Service Award
  • Steve Hayes, Outstanding Service Award
  • Lori Ryser, Outstanding Service Award

2009 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Wayne Donaldson, Meritorious Service Award
  • Jeff Meucci, Outstanding Service Award
  • Steve “Slim” Morstad, Outstanding Service Award
  • Rob Stewart, Outstanding Service Award
  • Becky Alt, Outstanding Service Award
  • Mark Witteveen, Outstanding Service Award

2008 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Dan Bergstrom, Meritorious Service Award
  • Felrose Yadao, Outstanding Service Award
  • Marnee Beverage, Outstanding Service Award
  • Jim Menard, Outstanding Service Award
  • Forrest Bowers, Outstanding Service Award
  • Ted Meyers, Outstanding Service Award

2007 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Jim Seeb and Lisa Seeb, Meritorious Service Award
  • Teresa Stolpe, Outstanding Service Award
  • Rich Gustafson, Outstanding Service Award
  • Kim Baldwin, Outstanding Service Award
  • Mark Stichert, Outstanding Service Award
  • Gail Smith, Outstanding Service Award

2006 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • William Bergmann, Meritorious Service Award
  • Leon Shaul, Outstanding Service Award
  • Tom Jarvis, Outstanding Service Award
  • Pat Shields, Outstanding Service Award
  • Mick Leach, Outstanding Service Award
  • Linda Brannian, Outstanding Service Award
  • Joseph Urban, Outstanding Service Award

2005 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Ron Josephson, Meritorious Service Award
  • Victoria O'Connell', Outstanding Service Award
  • Sandra Seagren, Outstanding Service Award
  • Fred Bue, Outstanding Service Award
  • Christy Nielsen, Outstanding Service Award
  • Roberta Fisher, Outstanding Service Award

2004 Commercial Fisheries Director's Achievement Awards

  • Arnie Shaul, Meritorious Service Award
  • Andy Piston, Outstanding Service Award
  • William (Bill) Bechtol, Outstanding Service Award
  • Doug Bue, Outstanding Service Award
  • Sharon Stewart, Outstanding Service Award
  • Bill Templin, Outstanding Service Award


  • Gordie Woods, Outstanding Service Award
  • John E. Clark, Meritorious Service Award


  • Kim Vicchy, Outstanding Service Award
  • Doug Pengilly, Meritorious Service Award


  • Larry Derby, Outstanding Service Award


  • Charlie Lean, Fishery Biologist III, Nome, Meritorious Service Award
  • Wayne Donaldson, Fishery Biologist III, Kodiak, Fisheries Management
  • Doug Woodby, Biometrician II, Juneau, Fisheries Research
  • Brian Bue, Biometrician II, Anchorage, Fisheries Research
  • Sam Sharr, Fishery Biologist III, Cordova, Fisheries Research
  • Jim Seeb, Principal Geneticist, Fisheries Research
  • Gary Miller, Geneticist, Fisheries Research
  • Bob Wilbur, Fishery Biologist III, Juneau, Development and Technical Services
  • Tom Emerson, Boat Officer II, Kodiak, Admin and Support
  • Pat Holmes, Fishery Biologist II, Kodiak, Public Service


  • Paul Ruesch, Fishery Biologist III, Soldotna, Fisheries Management
  • Bev Cross, Fishery Biologist III, Region II, Fisheries Research
  • Roberta Fisher, Administrative Assistant II, Region III, Administration & Support
  • Chuck Blaney, Fishery Biologist I, Region III, Public Service
  • Iris Frank, Fish & Wildlife Technician IV, Region I, Division Service
  • Richard Russell, King Salmon, Director's Award


  • Ken Tarbox, Fishery Biologist III, Soldotna, Fisheries Management
  • Scott McPherson, Fishery Biologist II, Region I, Fisheries Research
  • Karen Saunders, Clerk V, Region II, Admin. & Support
  • Kim Francisco, Fishery Biologist III, Bethel, Public Service
  • Carmine DiCostanzo, Analyst/Programmer V, Juneau HQ, Division Service
  • Herman Savikko, Fishery Biologist II, Juneau HQ, Director's Award


  • James Brady, Fishery Biologist III, Cordova, Governor’s Public Service Award


  • Larry Talley, Analyst/Programmer III, Region I
  • Barbara Mankiewicz, Fishery Biologist, Kodiak
  • Ken Griffin, Fishery Biologist III, Dutch Harbor
  • Jim Vansant, Boat Officer II, Cordova
  • Marnee Bowden, CT III, Homer
  • Ralph Wright, Pilot, Region IV
  • Gordon Kruse, Biometrician II, Juneau HQ
  • John Hilsinger, Fishery Biologist IV, Anchorage, Director's Award


  • Steve Fried, Fishery Biologist III, Bristol Bay, Director's Award
  • Henry Yuen, Fishery Biologist II, Bristol Bay, Director's Award
  • Dana Schmidt, Fishery Biologist IV, Region IV
  • Ken Manthey, Fishery Biologist III, Kodiak
  • Ron Kutchik, Boat Engineer, Kodiak
  • Linda Brannian, Biometrician II, Region III


  • Al Menin, Chief Engineer, Bendix Corporation


  • Barry Bracken, Fishery Biologist III, Petersburg
  • Melvin C. Seibel, Biometrician II, Region I
  • Robert E. Minard, Fishery Biologist II, Dillingham
  • June Grant, Publications Technician, Juneau HQ


  • Mike Nelson, Fishery Biologist III, Dillingham
  • John Valentine, Fishery Biologist III, Ketchikan, Director's Award
  • Larry Buklis, Fishery Biologist III, Region III, Director's Award
  • Heather Swearingen, CT III, Ketchikan


  • Richard Randall, Fishery Biologist III, Cordova, Fisheries Management
  • Larry Malloy, Fishery Biologist II, Kodiak, Public Service
  • Gladys Vinberg, Admin Assistant, Kodiak, Administration
  • Bev Cross, Fishery Biologist II, Anchorage, Fisheries Research



  • Susan Chihuly, Administration and Support Award
  • Ginny Litchfield, Supervision Award
  • Ron Benkert, Research Award


  • Becky Nelson, Administration and Support Award
  • Lee McKinley, Supervision Award
  • William A. Morris, Research Award
  • Sheila Cameron, Habitat Technical Services Award

Sport Fish


  • Debby Burwen, Meritorious and Achievement Award
  • Steve Fleischman, Meritorious and Achievement Award
  • Robert Holmes, Special Recognition
  • Brian Collyard, Fisheries Research
  • Jarrod Sowa, Fisheries Research
  • Greg Carpenter, Special Recognition
  • Charles L. Pratt, Special Recognition


  • Rob Begich, Fisheries Management
  • Jeff Milton, Fisheries Enhancement
  • Ken Marsh, Information and Education Services
  • April Behr, Information and Education Services
  • Larry Boyle, Workforce Support
  • Joanna Knight, Workforce Support
  • Tyler Amundson, Workforce Support
  • Toni Hinckle, Workforce Support

Wildlife Conservation


  • Dale Rabe, Meritorious Service
  • Brad Meyen, Department of Law, Meritorious Service
  • David Crowley, Public Service
  • Jim Dau, Public Service
  • Sandra Nehl, Public Service
  • Jim Woolington, Wildlife Management
  • Mike Taras, Wildlife Outreach
  • Craig Gardner, Wildlife Research
  • Alaska Interior Marksmanship Committee, Public Stewardship
  • Friends of Creamer's Field, Public Stewardship


  • Tom Paragi, Meritorious Service
  • Charlotte Westing, Public Service
  • Neil Barten, Wildlife Management
  • Kristen Romanoff, Wildlife Outreach
  • H.I.T. Team, Wildlife Outreach
  • Bill Collins, Wildlife Research
  • Karen Mitchell, Administration & Support Services
  • David Thomson, Laura Edfelt, and Sandy O'Brien, Administration & Support Services

Governor's Denali Peak Performance Awards



  • Peter Bente, Wildlife Conservation Division - Co-worker Recognition

Honorable Mentions

  • Shane Hertzog, Sport Fish Division - Co-worker Recognition
  • Fish and Game Wildlife Sanctuary Staff, Wildlife Conservation Division - Customer Service Excellence, Team
    • Thomas Griffin
    • Drew Hamilton
    • Ryan Morrill
    • Benjamin Histand
    • Larry Aumiller
    • Polly Hessing
    • Samantha McNearney
  • Michael Daigneault, Habitat Division - Leadership



  • Ron Josephson, Commercial Fisheries Division - Leadership
  • Karen Brito, Commercial Fisheries Division - Customer Service Excellence



  • Rob Massengill, Sport Fish Division - Exceptional Perfomance, Individual
  • Sport Fish Hatchery Team - Exceptional Performance, Team
    Greg Carpenter
    Gary George
    Robert Holmes
    Travis Hyer
    Diane Loopstra
    Robert McFadden
    William Morris
    Charles T. Pratt
    Charlie Pratt
    Lawrance Ransom
    Andrea Tesch
    Loren Thomas
    John Unterberg
    Tim Vangelderen
    Elizabeth Whitmore
  • Point Thomason Permit Team - Exceptional Performance, Team
    Jack Winters, Habitat Division

Honorable Mentions

  • Katie Sechrist, Commercial Fisheries Division - Co-Worker Recognition
  • Chris Habicht, Commercial Fisheries Division - Exceptional Performance, Individual



  • Leon Shaul, Commercial Fisheries Division - Leadership

Honorable Mentions

  • Hunter Information and Training Program, Wildlife Conservation Division - Customer Service Excellence, Team
    Bob Hunter
    Ray Johnson
    Kirk Lingofelt
    Lee Rogers
    Jerry Soukup
    Timmy Thomas
    Gail Volt
    Frank Zmuda
  • Andrea Tesch, Sport Fish Division - Exceptional Performance, Individual


Honorable Mention

  • Geron Bruce, Commercial Fisheries Division - Leadership

Other Awards


United States Department of the Interior

  • 2011 Partners in Conservation Award - The Subsistence Sharing Network,
    Jim Magdanz - Subsistence Division
  • 2012 Partners in Conservation Award - Alaska Environmental Literacy Plan Working Group,
    Kristen Romanoff - Wildlife Conservation Division
Al Cain with the Pogue-Elms Wildlife Enforcement Officer of the Year 2012

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

  • 2012 Ernest Thompson Seton Award - Tom Paragi, Wildlife Conservation Division
  • 2012 Pogue-Elms Wildlife Enforcement Officer of the Year - Al Cain, Sport Fish Division

American Fisheries Society

  • 2010 President's Hook - Bob Piorkowski, Sport Fish Division
  • 2010 Snieszko Distinguished Service Award - Dr. Ted Meyers, Commercial Fisheries Division


Alaska Outdoor Council

  • 2012 Sidney Huntington Award - David James, Wildlife Conservation Division
  • 2012 Conservation Educator of the Year - Mike Taras, Wildlife Conservation Division

University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • 2011 Nanook Hall of Fame - Kelly Mansfield, Sport Fish Division
  • 2012 Alumni Achievement Award for Business and Professional Excellence - Charlie Swanton, Sport Fish Division

Safari Club International - Alaska Chapter

  • 2011 Professional Biologist of the Year - Doug Vincent-Lang, Wildlife Conservation Division
  • 2011 Educator of the Year - Kirk Lingofelt, Wildlife Conservation Division

American Statistical Association - Alaska Chapter

  • 2012 Chapter Service Recognition - Allen Bingham, Sport Fish Division

Anchorage School District

  • 2012 Business STAR Award - Elizabeth Manning, Wildlife Conservation Division