Division of Sport Fisheries
Division Staff


Division Director

David Rutz
Phone: 907-267-2150
Email: david.rutz@alaska.gov

Deputy Director

Thomas Taube
Phone: (907) 465-6184
Email: tom.taube@alaska.gov

Assistant Director

Brian Frenette
Phone: (907) 465-2751
Email: brian.frenette@alaska.gov

Assistant Director

Lisa Holt
Phone: (907) 267-2330
Email: lisa.holt@alaska.gov

Administrative Operations Manager

Alejandra Duby
Phone: (907) 465-6189
Email: alejandra.rico@alaska.gov

Hatchery Program Coordinator

Jeff Milton
Phone: (907) 428-1347
Email: jeffrey.milton@alaska.gov

Invasive Species Program Coordinator

Tammy Davis
Phone: (907) 465-6183
Email: tammy.davis@alaska.gov

Research and Technical Services

Headquarters Office: Anchorage, Alaska

Chief Fisheries Scientist

James Hasbrouck
Phone: (907) 267-2124
Email: james.hasbrouck@alaska.gov

Engineer II (Statewide Aquatic Resources Coordination Unit)

Joe Klein
Phone: (907) 267-2148
Email: Joe.Klein@alaska.gov

Fisheries Scientist I

Sarah Webster
Phone: 907-267-2212
Email: sarah.webster@alaska.gov


Regional Headquarters Office: Douglas, Alaska

Regional Fisheries Management Coordinator

Bob Chadwick
Phone: (907) 747-5551
Email: bob.chadwick@alaska.gov

Regional Fisheries Research Coordinator

Jeff Nichols
Phone: (907) 465-8576
Email: jeff.nichols@alaska.gov

Regional Supervisor

Judith Lum
Phone: (907) 465-4314
Email: judy.lum@alaska.gov


Regional Headquarters Office: Anchorage, Alaska

Regional Fisheries Management Coordinator

Jason Dye
Phone: (907) 842-2427
Email: jason.dye@alaska.gov

Regional Fisheries Management Coordinator

Matthew Miller
Phone: (907) 267-2415
Email: matt.miller@alaska.gov

Regional Fisheries Research Coordinator

Timothy McKinley
Phone: (907) 260-2913
Email: timothy.mckinley@alaska.gov

Regional Supervisor

Thomas Vania
Phone: (907) 267-2131
Email: tom.vania@alaska.gov

Interior Alaska

Regional Headquarters Office: Fairbanks, Alaska

Regional Fisheries Research Coordinator

James Savereide
Phone: (907) 459-7252
Email: james.savereide@alaska.gov

Regional Management Coordinator

Klaus Wuttig
Phone: (907) 459-7344
Email: klaus.wuttig@alaska.gov

Regional Supervisor

Jeffrey Estensen
Phone: (907)459-7217
Email: jeff.estensen@alaska.gov

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