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Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Division of Habitat
Division Staff

Statewide Staff

Randy Bates (907) 465-3176

Operations Manager
Al Ott (907) 459-7289

Administrative Officer
Jenette Matlock (907) 465-1852

Joint Pipeline Office Liaison
Lee McKinley (907) 269-6411

Regional and Area Managers

Regional Supervisor Anchorage
Mike Daigneault (907) 267-2172

Regional Supervisor Fairbanks
William Morris (907) 459-7282

Regional Supervisor Juneau
Jackie Timothy (907) 465-4275

Area Management Biologist Kenai/Soldotna
Ginny Litchfield (907) 714-2477

Area Management Biologist Palmer
Mike Bethe (907) 861-3202

Area Management Biologist Craig
Mark Minnillo (907) 826-2560

For additional contact information for the Department of Fish and Game, see our Contact Us page.

If you are unsure where the person you are looking for works within the State of Alaska, see the Employee Directory.

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