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Division of Habitat
Division Staff

Statewide Staff

David Rogers (907) 465-6436

Operations Manager
Al Ott (907) 459-7289

Administrative Officer
Jenette Matlock (907) 465-1852

Joint Pipeline Office Liaison
Lee McKinley (907) 269-6411

Regional and Area Managers

Acting Regional Supervisor - Anchorage
Megan Marie (907) 267-2446

Regional Supervisor - Fairbanks
Audra Brase (907) 459-7282

Regional Supervisor - Juneau
Jackie Timothy (907) 465-4275

Area Management Biologist - Kenai/Soldotna
Brian Blossom (907) 714-2481

Acting Area Management Biologist - Palmer
Ron Benkert (907) 861-3204

Area Management Biologist - Craig
Mark Minnillo (907) 826-2560

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