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Mission and Core Services

Contribution to Department Mission

The mission of the Division of Habitat is to protect Alaska's valuable fish and wildlife resources and their habitats as Alaska's population and economy continue to expand.

Core Services

  • Review applications and issue permits for activities in anadromous waterbodies and fish-bearing waters and legislatively designated Special Areas (Title 16); provide expertise to protect important fish and wildlife habitat; monitor authorized projects and conduct compliance actions.
  • Maintain and revise the Catalog of Waters Important for the Spawning, Rearing, or Migration of Anadromous Fishes.
  • Manage Alaska's Special Areas in accordance with legislative guidelines; prepare and update management plans for these areas.
  • Review proposed timber harvest activities; conduct field inspections; work cooperatively with timber operators and other governmental agencies.
  • Review development projects (e.g., oil and gas, hard-rock mining, roads, T16 elements of hydropower projects) authorized under other agencies' authorities.
  • Conduct applied research to develop methods and means to minimize impacts of development projects on fish and wildlife resources.

Division of Habitat, Headquarters Office
Phone 907-465-1852, Fax 907-465-2066
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