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Division of Commercial Fisheries
Mission and Core Services

Contribution to Department Mission

The mission of the Division of Commercial Fisheries is to manage subsistence, commercial, and personal use fisheries in the interest of the general well being of the people and economy of the state, consistent with the sustained yield principle, and subject to allocations through public regulatory processes.

Core Services

  • Stock Assessment and Applied Research: Maintain ongoing programs for the enumeration, assessment, and understanding of salmon, herring, groundfish, and shellfish stocks.
  • Harvest Management: Control the harvest of fishery resources for subsistence, commercial, and personal uses according to plans and regulations.
  • Aquaculture Permitting: Permit and provide regulatory, technical, and planning services to aquatic farmers and private nonprofit hatchery operators.
  • Information Services and Public Participation: Develop, maintain and disseminate data, analyses, and published reports.

See also: Commercial Fishing

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