Chinook Salmon Research Initiative
Kuskokwim River Chinook Salmon

Lower Kuskokwim Adult Spawning Abundance

Project Summary

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Lower Kuskokwim River Adult Chinook Salmon Spawning Abundance


Adult Chinook salmon mark-recapture and age, sex, and length studies. This project will evaluate relative Chinook salmon escapement into tributaries of the lower Kuskokwim River, through helicopter surveys. The helicopter counts will be used to develop relative escapement ratios between Kisaralik and Eek rivers and Kwethluk River. The ratios will then be expanded based on Kwethluk River weir escapement counts to estimate total escapement. These estimates will be compared with existing escapement estimates to evaluate the current habitat based expansion method, and provide an alternative method of Chinook salmon escapement estimation for lower Kuskokwim River tributaries.


Lower Kuskokwim River

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Project Dates:

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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Adult abundance

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Kuskokwim River Chinook salmon

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Kuskokwim Native Association


Division of Commercial Fisheries
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
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Anchorage, Alaska 99518

Fishery Biologist III

Sean Larson
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