Chinook Salmon Research Initiative
Kuskokwim River Chinook Salmon

Inseason Estimates of Subsistence Harvest

Project Summary

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Kuskokwim River Inseason Estimates of Subsistence Harvest of Chinook Salmon


The project will estimate the subsistence harvest of Chinook salmon in a reach of the lower Kuskokwim River in 2014 to test the efficacy of the study as an estimator of total subsistence harvests. A sample of fishers from three communities will record their harvests and fishing effort, and report data to ADF&G twice a week. Using a weighted average of sample fishers’ harvests, an estimate of the total subsistence Chinook harvest will be developed. At the end of the season, these estimates will be compared with estimates based on post-season household surveys.


Communities in the lower Kuskokwim River

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Project Dates:

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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Subsistence harvest

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Kuskokwim River Chinook salmon


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