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Alaska Bird Checklists

Local Bird Checklists

Other Resources

Internet Birding Discussions and Listservs

  • AKBirding:
    A Yahoo discussion group on birding in Alaska.
  • Beringia Birders:
    A Yahoo discussion group on birding in far western and northern Alaska.
  • Boreal Birders
    A Yahoo discussion group on birding in interior Alaska.
  • Eagle Chat:
    A Yahoo discussion group on birding in Southeast Alaska.
  • Kodiak Birding:
    A Yahoo discussion group on birding the Kodiak Island Archipelago.
  • Sitka Birds:
    A discussion group on birding in the Sitka area.
  • Kachemak Bay (Homer area):
    A discussion board for birding in and around Kachemak Bay (Homer, Seldovia, Halibut Cove, Anchor Point)
  • Kenai/Soldotna area:
    An area sightings board hosted by the Kenai Peninsula Bird Festival.

Rare Bird Alerts (RBAs)

  • Internet
    • Alaska RBA (moderated) Posted Sightings of birds listed as “rare”, “casual” or “accidental” on the Alaska checklist. Click here to subscribe or read recent reports.
  • Telephone
    • Fairbanks area: (907) 451-9213
    • Homer area: (907) 235-7337
    • Kenai NWR: (907) 262-2300


  • Birding Alaska
    Homer birder Aaron Lang posts photos and sighting from around the state.
  • Birds of Shishmaref
    Birder and high school teacher Ken Stenek’s birding reports and photos from this northern Seward Peninsula community.
  • Adak Birding Blog
    A birding blog from the Aleutians by Adak birder Isaac Helmricks
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