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Bird Description References

The following references were used in developing these bird descriptions:

  • West, G. 2002. A Birder’s Guide to Alaska. American Birding Association, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Armstrong, R. 2010. Guide to the Birds of Alaska. Alaska Northwest Books, Portland, OR
  • Lethaby, N. 1994. A Bird Finding Guide to Alaska. Self published.
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game 2008. Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service Internet publication, Alaska Seabird Information Series
  • National Audubon Society internet publication, State of the Birds/Watchlist
  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Online Bird Guide, All About Birds

A special thanks to Mark Schwan and Paul Suchanek of the Juneau Audubon Society for compiling the lists of birds and hot spots for this website.

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