Refuges, Sanctuaries, and Critical Habitat Area Permits

Authorization for land and water use activities in a Special Area (Refuge, Sanctuary, or Critical Habitat Area) is required in the form of a Special Area Permit.

Special Area Permit Application (PDF 134 kB) .

Some common, minimal impact activities are permitted under General Permits for the Special Areas.

Examples of activities requiring a Special Area Permit include (as described in 5AAC 95.420), but are not limited to,

McNeil River Bear
  • construction or placement of structures;
  • damaging or clearing vegetation;
  • detonation of explosives (other than firearms);
  • surface or shoreline altering activities;
  • natural resource development or energy exploration;
  • off-road use of wheeled or tracked equipment;
  • boat storage;
  • waste disposal;
  • grazing or animal husbandry; and
  • any other activity that is likely to have a significant effect on vegetation, drainage, water quality, soil stability, fish, wildlife, or their habitat, or which disturbs fish or wildlife.

Area specific information and map

For additional information contact the Division of Habitat area office closest to your project.