Special Area Permits

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Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary

The Alaska State Legislature has designated 32 state game refuges, critical habitat areas, and wildlife sanctuaries across the state. Collectively, these are referred to as ADF&G Special Areas and each area was created to protect important fish and wildlife habitats.

The Habitat Section develops management plans for and oversees activities within Special Areas. Most recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing do not require a permit, but many other activities that may impact fish, wildlife, habitats, or existing public uses may require a Special Area Permit. Some common, minimal impact activities in Special Areas are permitted under General Permits.

Examples of activities requiring a Special Area Permit include, but are not limited to:

  • construction or placement of structures;
  • clearing or disturbing vegetation;
  • streambank or shoreline altering activities;
  • natural resource development or energy exploration;
  • off-road use of wheeled or tracked equipment;
  • boat storage;
  • commercial guide camps;
  • grazing or animal husbandry; and
  • any other activity that is likely to have a significant effect on vegetation, drainage, water quality, soil stability, fish, wildlife, or their habitat, or which disturbs fish or wildlife.

For additional information contact the Habitat Section office closest to your project.