Southeast Alaska Personal Use Shrimp Fishery
Permits & Regulations

Southeast Alaska Shrimp pot fishery

Remember that all Shellfish may be exposed to the algae that causes Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning. For more information, see the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning document (PDF - ADEC) external site link.

Permits are ONLY required to take shrimp with trawls (see below);

The season is open year-round.

There are no bag and possession limits.

Shrimp may be taken only with pots, ring nets, or trawls.

Only 10 pots are allowed per person, with a maximum of 20 pots allowed per vessel.

Pots may be longlined, but at least one buoy on the longline must be marked with the fisherman’s first initial, last name, home address, and vessel name or DMV registration number

Pots used to take shrimp must have:

  • No more than four tunnel eye openings; no tunnel eye opening may exceed 15 inches in perimeter
  • A bottom perimeter of no more than 153 inches; and
  • A volume of no more than 25 cubic feet.

Shrimp may be fished with a trawl under Personal Use regulations, but you must first obtain a personal use fishing permit from ADF&G.  For shrimp trawl information, contact (contact list).

The permit will include the following conditions:

  • the area where the fishing will occur;
  • the dates that the fishing will occur;
  • the type of trawl to be used;
  • the length of the beam if a beam trawl is used;
  • the length of the footrope if an otter trawl is used;
  • any other pertinent gear specifications if a trawl other than a beam trawl or otter trawl is used;
  • the total poundage by species of all shrimp taken.

A commercially licensed and registered shrimp fishing vessel may not be used to take shrimp under Personal Use regulations in Districts 6 - 8 and 10 from February 15 through April 30.