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Permits & Regulations

For all shellfish species in Southeast Alaska, the possession limit is equal to one daily bag limit.


No permit is required.

Season open year-round.

There are no bag or possession limits for scallops, except the daily bag and possession limit is 5 rock scallop (Hinnites sp.) and 10 weathervane scallop (Pecten sp.)


No permit is required.

Season open year-round.

There are no bag and possession limits on clams, except:

  • for razor clams on western Kruzof Island beaches between Cape Edgecumbe and Cape Georgiana, the bag and possession limit is 50 clams; and
  • all waters of the Sitka Sound Special Use Area are closed to the taking of razor clams.


No Permit is required

Season open year-round

Bag limits are: 5 abalone, 3.5-inch minimum size.


No permit is required

Season open year-round.

Bag limits are: 6 geoducks, no size restrictions.

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