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Alaska’s vast land and water resources and diverse habitats support healthy and abundant fish and wildlife. Responsible use and development of our lands and waters is important to Alaska’s economy and culture. Maintaining healthy, clean, and abundant watersheds, forests, tundra, wetlands, and marine waters and coastlines helps ensure that the state’s diverse fish and wildlife resources are sustained into the future.

Lands & Waters Information

  • Access
    Finding your way to our public lands and waters, and making sure your legal access rights are protected.
  • Ecosystems
    From the dense moss carpeted rainforests of southeast Alaska, to the wide-open tundra expanses of the North Slope, learn about Alaska’s ecosystems.
  • Habitat Research
    Understanding how habitats and our ecosystems operate, so we can better manage your fish and wildlife.
  • Maps & GIS
    Valuable information to help you get more details on a variety of lands and waters related topics.
  • Planning & Management
    To assure that we continually manage our lands and waters to protect habitats and fish and wildlife populations.
  • Conservation Areas
    State wildlife refuges, sanctuaries and critical habitat areas; plus a whole lot more…
  • Restoration & Enhancement
    Sometimes fish and wildlife habitats need a little help from their human caretakers.