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In the heart of downtown Fairbanks, you can watch a beaver chew down a sapling, drag it to the Chena River, and swim off. Falcons hunt beside busy College Road, foxes prowl the cross-country ski trails, and moose often linger near the university campus. Urban wildlife sightings are part of what makes life in Fairbanks unique.

So are summer’s midnight sun, winter’s northern lights and the gold rush past of this vibrant city, the second largest in the state.

Experience the “Golden Heart City” and visit some wildlife viewing destinations around town. They aren’t the only places to see wildlife but you’ll soon learn about more opportunities during your visit.

For information on tours and lodging, consult the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau (phone (907) 456-5774 or toll-free (800) 327-5774). Check out and, when in Fairbanks, visit the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center at 101 Dunkel Street for information on Fairbanks and Interior Alaska.

Fairbanks Wildlife Viewing Sites

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