General Permits


When a reoccurring activity requires a Fish Habitat or Special Area Permit but is not expected to adversely affect habitat, the Habitat Section can issue a General Permit in order to best serve public needs and protect habitat. General Permits do not require an application, but you will need to review the permit and have a copy in possession at the time of the activity.

Stream Crossings

Many of our General Permits are issued for stream crossings at existing trails, roads, and easements. Permits are required for crossing streams that are known to support anadromous fish, and the General Permits have conditions that avoid and minimize impacts to fish and fish habitat while allowing public access to hunting, fishing, and recreation areas.

Boat Launches

In the Northern/Interior region, many commonly used boat launch sites are unimproved and require driving a vehicle below the ordinary high water mark. General Permits have been issued for several drainages/watersheds to authorize boat launching at the locations specified in each permit.

Special Areas

General permits are also issued for many common activities within legislatively designated Special Areas. These permits have been issued for recurring activities within select Special Areas that have been determined to minimal impact on habitat or public enjoyment and use of these Special Areas.

For more information on General Permits, contact your local Habitat Section area office.

Other Authorizations

Please be advised that certain activities may also require additional authorizations from other state, federal, or local agencies, including:

These agencies should be contacted directly for information on their permitting requirements.