Sport Fishing Guides & Charter Requirements

Business/Guide Registration Application

IMPORTANT: This form alone does not allow you to legally guide or operate your guiding business. You must have a registration that has been signed by a department representative before initiating any guiding services. A permanent registration will be mailed to you within 14 days. Do not provide guided services until you receive your permanent registration.

  1. Print both the instructions page and the registration application.
  2. Follow the instructions as you fill out all applicable sections of the registration application.
  3. All applicable sections must be complete and legible, and they must reflect current certificate and license numbers.
  4. Send the application to the address noted in the upper portion of the form;
    State of Alaska
    Dept. of Fish and Game - Sport Fish RTS
    333 Raspberry Rd.
    Anchorage, Alaska 99518-1599
  5. Do NOT fax or e-mail the application. An original signature must be on file.
  6. Sign and date your application.
  7. Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned, resulting in a processing delay.
  8. Please allow 14 days for processing and receipt of a validated registration.

Saltwater & Freshwater Logbook Pages

All Sport Fishing Business Operations intending to provide guided fishing services for compensation MUST acquire a Logbook.

If your business begins operation prior to the availability of the current year logbook, please proceed with the following method to log your trips:

  1. Download the Saltwater or Freshwater Logbook pages (see below) in order to track your activity until Logbooks become available in your area Fish & Game office (1st part of March). Instructions for completing the Logbook page are included in the download.
  2. Transfer the logbook number, from the logbook assigned to you, onto the temporary logbook data pages before mailing to ADF&G.

Do not send this temporary data page to ADF&G without the current year Logbook number. If no Logbook number appears, ADF&G will not be able to credit your business with the fishing information.

Additional Forms