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Ways to Submit

Comment deadlines:

  • Board of Fisheries Hatchery Committee & Statewide meetings: Comments due Feb. 20
  • Board of Game Southcentral Region (March 14-19): Comments due March 1
  • Joint Boards of Fisheries and Game (March 21-26): Comments due March 7

Submit Record Copies (commenting after the deadline)

In Person

Provide 21 copies for the Board of Fisheries or 20 copies for the Board of Game. Staff cannot make copies for you. Limit 10 pages single-sided

Fax (for those not on-site at the meeting)

(907) 465-6094. Limit 10 pages single sided.

Comments after the deadline are not accepted via email at this time.

Commenting guidelines:

  1. Verify the comment deadline for the relevant meeting. If the deadline has not passed, see "On-Time Comments" above.
  2. Include your name and/or organization at the top of your comments.
  3. Include the proposal number(s) you are commenting on. Feel free to comment on multiple proposals in a single comment.
  4. Clearly indicate your support or opposition to each proposal.
  5. Describe your reasoning.
  6. Limit comments to 10 single-sided pages or the equivalent. For the Board of Fisheries, limit comments to 5 single-sided pages once deliberations have begun.
  7. Comments with personal or inflammatory remarks or inappropriate language may not be accepted.

Comments submitted after the deadline for each meeting are provided to the board once the meeting is in session. Once the boards are in session, late comments/record copies will generally be distributed to board members in the mornings before the meeting is called to order and at the end of the lunch breaks.

Special Notes

For special meetings, late comments may not be accepted. Information on comments should be available in the meeting notice and meeting info page on this site, or contact Boards Support at 907-465-4110.

The Board of Fisheries applies various statutes and policies when considering fisheries allocations and when addressing salmon proposals. When addressing proposals affecting subsistence uses, the board provides for a reasonable opportunity for subsistence consistent with AS 16.05.258 and 5 AAC 99.010(b). When addressing allocations among commercial, sport, guided sport, and/or personal use fisheries, the board applies its Allocation Criteria (AS 16.05.251(e)). When addressing salmon fisheries it applies its Mixed Stock Salmon Policy (5 AAC 39.220) and its Sustainable Salmon Fisheries Policy (5 AAC 39.222). You may wish to review these statutes and policies as you prepare comments for the board.