Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW)
Past Events Schedule

Past BOW Events

The following is a list of BOW events that occurred within the last year. Return to the BOW Events Schedule for a list of upcomming BOW events.

Date Event Location Status
August 3-5, 2018 Interior BOW Summer Workshop Fairbanks, Lost Lake Boy Scout Camp Completed
January 12, Saturday 9am-6pm Survival (Beyond Bow) Anchorage Completed
February 10, Sunday 9am-6pm Map & Compass (Beyond Bow) Anchorage Completed
February 17, Sunday 8am–5pm Hunter Education (Beyond Bow) Anchorage Completed
February 22–24, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Backcountry Ski Adventure (Beyond Bow) Kenai Peninsula, Resurrection Trail Completed
March 8–10, Friday afternoon, Saturday & Sunday morning BOW Winter Workshop Victory Bible Camp, Sutton Completed
March 24, Sunday 8am–6pm Big Game Hunting Rifle (Beyond Bow) Anchorage Completed