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Invasive Species — Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora)


Red-legged frogs are native to western North America, from Baja California to southwestern British Columbia. In Alaska, red-legged frogs were introduced from Washington State to Chichagof Island (southeast of Hoonah) in 1982. This population has been successfully reproducing and dispersing into nearby wetlands.

Red-legged frog range in the United States
Range of red-legged frogs in the United States
Known distribution of red-legged frogs on Chichagof Island 2006

Habitat Preference

Red-legged frogs are generally found in streams, marshes, and ponds. They are sometimes found in damp woods and meadows, some distance from water, especially during wet weather. Red-legged frogs are also found in ephemeral pools in late spring.

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