Requirements for the Hunter Education Online Course Field Day

Online students must attend a field day associated with the online course. This course is only for students who have successfully completed the Online course. Students taking the hunter education Online Course may not attend an Instructor-led course to complete their certification.

Young hunters in a row with guns

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If you have successfully completed the Hunter Education Online Course:

The Field Day associated with the Online Hunter Education Course will be 4-5 hours depending on the amount of students attending, with a maximum class size of 24. The Field Day will be administered by certified volunteer instructors and will include a short review of key safety issues and Alaska specific regulations, a firearms handling exercise with non-functioning firearms, a field course, and a required shooting proficiency.

All firearms, ammunition, and targets are provided, no personal firearms are allowed. During the required proficiency shoot, each student shall fire five practice rounds from the following positions: standing, kneeling, and sitting (15 total practice shots). After students have fired their practice rounds and have had the opportunity to check targets, the proficiency shoot for certification will be administered.

For the proficiency shoot, a student will fire five rounds from any one of the three positions (standing, kneeling, or sitting) and cannot have the aid of any type of rest. The student must place four out of five shots within two inches with an air rifle at 33-feet, three inches with a rimfire rifle at 50-feet (indoors), or four inches with a rimfire rifle at 25-yards (outdoors). We are looking for a "group", not bullseye shooting.

Students with disabilities will not be required to sit, kneel, or lay prone; for example those that have been through recent knee surgery, or have bad knees or hips.

Regardless of the shooting skills demonstrated, a disruptive or unsportsmanlike attitude by a student during any portion of the shooting proficiency may result in a failing grade being assigned by the instructor. If the student does not successfully complete all portions of the course, they must re-take the entire course.

If the student does not successfully complete the Field Day portion of the course within one year of completing the online portion, they will be required to repeat the entire course to be certified.