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Special Meeting on Copper Basin Area Moose and Caribou Hunting - March 18-21, 2017

On-time comments due: Friday, March 3, 2017
Location: Ball Memorial Library, Alaska Bible College, Ridley Circle (off College Road), Glennallen

Summary of Actions:

Meeting Documents:

On-Time Advisory Committee Comments:

On-Time Public Comments:

RC2: Department Reports and Recommendations:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC003 (PDF 166 kB) On-Time Comment Matrix
RC004 (PDF 147 kB) Wayne Shafer Testimony
RC005 (PDF 118 kB) Don Horrell Wrangell St Elias SRC Testimony
RC006 (PDF 94 kB) Don Horrell Personal Testimony Prop 43
RC007 (PDF 543 kB) Duane Edelman CSH Group Alces Asesinos CSH Support
RC008 (PDF 152 kB) Aaron Bloomquist Prop 33 Comment
RC009 (PDF 265 kB) Steve Bartelli Mat Valley AC Testimony
RC010 (PDF 138 kB) OSM Moose and Caribou Federal Hunt Summary
RC011 (PDF 1,875 kB) BLM Powerpoint Presentation
RC012 (PDF 2,138 kB) ADFG Subsistence Scoring Information
RC013 (PDF 488 kB) Sky Starkey Ahtna Subsistence Presentation
RC014 (PDF 148 kB) Jim Simon Testimony
RC015 (PDF 98 kB) Dan Montgomery Unit 13 Moose Harvest Info
RC016 (PDF 324 kB) Nick Jackson Tier II Any Bull Hunt Conditions
RC017 (PDF 332 kB) Nick Jackson Eureka Gravel Pit Parking Photo
RC018 (PDF 1,360 kB) Nick Jackson House Conference Report No. 92-746 Dec 1971
RC019 (PDF 244 kB) Alysia White Testimony
RC020 (PDF 249 kB) Becky Schwanke Testimony
RC021 (PDF 90 kB) ADFG Boards Public Testimony List
RC022 (PDF 93 kB) ADFG Boards RCs to Date
RC023 (PDF 24 kB) Ahtna Moose Harvest Info
RC024 (PDF 375 kB) Aaron Bloomquist Prop 43 Amended
RC025 (PDF 279 kB) ADFG at Request of BOG Prop 1 Amended
RC026 (PDF 1,596 kB) BOG Resolution re Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America's Diverse Fish and Wildlife
RC027 (PDF 163 kB) Bill Simeone Testimony
RC028 (PDF 186 kB) Angela Vermillion Testimony
RC029 (PDF 308 kB) Gordon Carlson Testimony
RC030 (PDF 120 kB) Eleanor Dementi Testimony
RC031 (PDF 324 kB) Linda Pete Testimony
RC032 (PDF 123 kB) Dorothy Shinn Testimony
RC033 (PDF 94 kB) Tana Mae Pete Testimony
RC034 (PDF 138 kB) Franklin John Testimony
RC035 (PDF 288 kB) Michelle Anderson Testimony
RC036 (PDF 109 kB) Nick Jackson Prop 44 Amendment
RC037 (PDF 53 kB) Board Member Van Daele Community Defined
RC038 (PDF 102 kB) Miscellaneous Business Agenda Packet
RC039 (PDF 27 kB) Record Copy Log

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