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Statewide Regulations, Cycle A Schedule – March 14-18, 2014

Comment Deadline: February 28, 2014 ACR Deadline: January 13, 2014

Location: Anchorage – Dena'ina Center'

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

  • ADF&G Comments on Proposals (RC2) (PDF 538 kB)
  • ADF&G Comment on Proposal 178 (PDF 60 kB)
  • Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

    Record Copy (RC) # Description
    RC003 (PDF 142 kB) AC PC Comment Matrix
    RC004 (PDF 1,112 kB) GMU 18 19 20 Proposed Changes
    RC005 (PDF 10 kB) Dan Bascello
    RC006 (PDF 16 kB) Kodiak AC Minutes
    RC007 (PDF 21 kB) Lower Bristol Bay AC Minutes
    RC007 (PDF 21 kB) Lower Britol Bay AC Minutes
    RC008 (PDF 266 kB) Southern Norton Sound AC Minutes
    RC009 (PDF 209 kB) Alaska Professional Hunter Association Comments
    RC010 (PDF 60 kB) ADFG Comments Proposal 178
    RC010 (PDF 2,404 kB) ADFG Presentation on Proposals 178 136 thru 138 140
    RC011 (PDF 714 kB) ADFG Subsistence Update
    RC012 (PDF 557 kB) Noatak and Kivalina AC Meeting Minutes
    RC013 (PDF 54 kB) Sue Entsminger Comment Proposal 146
    RC014 (PDF 35 kB) Sharon Lowe Proposal 172
    RC015 (PDF 72 kB) Red Dog Mine Advisory Board and Noatak and Kivalina AC Meeting Minutes
    RC016 (PDF 2,242 kB) ADFG Statewide Presentation
    RC017 (PDF 1,428 kB) ADFG AC Input on 3 Year Cycle
    RC018 (PDF 586 kB) Advisory Committee Survey Results
    RC019 (PDF 640 kB) Kenai Brown Bear Management
    RC020 (PDF 119 kB) BGCSB Guide Client Agreement Subcommittee Report Proposal 146
    RC021 (PDF 542 kB) Community of Mekoryuk Comments Proposal 179
    RC022 (PDF 266 kB) ADFG Economic Importance of Alaska Wildlife
    RC023 (PDF 624 kB) AVCP Visual Aide Proposal 152
    RC024 (PDF 916 kB) American Falconry Conservancy Comment Proposal 174
    RC025 (PDF 185 kB) Central Bering Sea AC Meeting Minutes
    RC026 (PDF 336 kB) Lower Yukon AC Meeting Minutes
    RC027 (PDF 427 kB) Joint Western Region AC Meeting Proposal 10 and 67
    RC028 (PDF 8,071 kB) Lower Kuskokwim AC Meeting Minutes
    RC029 (PDF 415 kB) Bethel AC Meeting Minutes
    RC030 (PDF 305 kB) Native Village of Noatak Comment Proposal 177
    RC031 (PDF 2,658 kB) Napaaqtugmiut School Students Proposal 177
    RC032 (PDF 75 kB) Northern Norton Sound AC Proposal 177
    RC033 (PDF 1,196 kB) Lower Kobuk AC Comments Proposal 177
    RC034 (PDF 432 kB) ADFG Proposal 178 Business License
    RC035 (PDF 388 kB) Board of Game 99 129 Finding
    RC036 (PDF 6,001 kB) BGCSB Proposed Alternate Language Proposal 146
    RC037 (PDF 815 kB) State by State Falconry Restrictions
    RC038 (PDF 395 kB) Alternate Language for Proposal 152
    RC039 (PDF 4,161 kB) Nancy Hillstrand Migratory Bird Proposal Comments
    RC040 (PDF 7,301 kB) Central Bering Sea AC Meeting Minutes from October
    RC041 (PDF 35 kB) Mike Vaughn Comments Proposal 151 thru 155
    RC042 (PDF 55 kB) Yolonda de la Cruz Personal Comments
    RC043 (PDF 435 kB) Bethel AC representatives Alternate Language for Proposal 152
    RC044 (PDF 4,633 kB) ADFG Presentation on Proposal 81
    RC045 (PDF 575 kB) Lake Iliamna AC Comment Proposal 177
    RC046 (PDF 1,377 kB) ADFG Boards Support Proposal 175
    RC047 (PDF 239 kB) Proposal 177 Amended
    RC048 (PDF 989 kB) GMU housekeeping
    RC049 (PDF 370 kB) Prop 152 Amended
    RC050 (PDF 352 kB) Proposal 152 Amended
    RC051 (PDF 249 kB) Proposal 146 Amended
    RC052 (PDF 326 kB) Prop 177 Poll Vote
    RC053 (PDF 2,300 kB) Prop 151-155 Migratory Bird Overview
    RC054 (PDF 967 kB) Public Testimony List
    RC055 (PDF 1,867 kB) Ahtna Comments on Proposals
    RC056 (PDF 358 kB) Prop 178 Amended
    RC056 (PDF 360 kB) Prop 178 Amended ADFG
    RC057 (PDF 140 kB) Prop 152 amended
    RC058 (PDF 405 kB) Prop 10 amended ADFG
    RC059 (PDF 123 kB) Prop 146 amended APHA
    RC060 (PDF 189 kB) Galen Float Prop 176 comments
    RC061 (PDF 116 kB) Seaducks Unltd Prop 166 amended
    RC062 (PDF 79 kB) Jeffrey Curtis Prop 176 comment
    RC063 (PDF 211 kB) Toksook Bay Musk ox Nelson Island
    RC064 (PDF 386 kB) ADFG Letter of Options Prop 176
    RC065 (PDF 106 kB) Nunakuayak TC Muskox Option 3 Prop 176
    RC066 (PDF 1,132 kB) ADFG Prop 179 Overview
    RC067 (PDF 143 kB) ADFG Prop 179 Amended
    RC068 (PDF 1,409 kB) ADFG Prop 176 Overview
    RC069 (PDF 192 kB) ADFG Prop 176 amended
    RC070 (PDF 140 kB) Prop 176 amended b
    RC071 (PDF 71 kB) Dan Montgomey Application
    RC072 (PDF 174 kB) ADFG Prop 174 amended
    RC073 (PDF 127 kB) ADFG Nunivak Island
    RC074 (PDF 198 kB) Teresa Sager Albaugh Prop 136 General Hunts
    RC075 (PDF 115 kB) ADFG BOG Finding RE Nunivak Muskox
    RC (PDF 39 kB) Log

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