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Interior and Eastern Arctic Region - March 6-14, 2020

On-time comments due: Friday, February 21, 2020
Location: Fairbanks - Pike's Waterfront Lodge

Training opportunity: ADF&G Boards Support Section will host a training session on How to Navigate the Board of Game Meeting Process (PDF 2,686 kB) on Thursday, March 5 at 5:30 p.m. While the training is designed for individuals who are new to the board process, all are welcome to join. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

Meeting Summary (PDF 219 kB)

Preliminary Actions Taken (PDF 215 kB)

RC1: Meeting Documents


Interior & Eastern Arctic Region View PDF of all proposals for Interior & Eastern Arctic Region | Hide Category Interior & Eastern Arctic Region

RC2: On-Time Advisory Committee Comments

RC3: On-Time Public Comments

RC4: Department Reports & Recommendations

  • Tab 1: Agency Reports
  • Tab 2: Analysis & Recommendations
  • Tab 3: Regionwide & Multiple Units
  • Tab 4: Galena Area
  • Tab 5: Northeast Alaska Area
  • Tab 6: Tok Area
  • Tab 7: Delta Junction Area
  • Tab 8: McGrath Area
  • Tab 9: Fairbanks Area
  • Tab 10: Antlerless Moose & Brown Bear Tag Fee Reauthorizations for Other Regions

    RC5: On-Time Comment Matrix (PDF 781 kB)

    Record Copies (RCs) — Documents submitted during the meeting

    Record Copy (RC) # Description
    RC006 (PDF 947 kB) ADFG Boards Support Additional Info Submitted with Proposals
    RC007 (PDF 41 kB) Byran Tulare Comments Proposal 108
    RC008 (PDF 2,128 kB) Tom Malapanis Prop 130 photos of Yanert CUA
    RC009 (PDF 12,637 kB) Denali National Park and Reserve Wolf Research
    RC010 (PDF 209 kB) Tanana Rampart Manley AC withdraw proposal 65
    RC011 (PDF 42 kB) Tod Oiser Proposal 80
    RC012 (PDF 204 kB) Lower Bristol Bay AC Minutes January 28 2020
    RC013 (PDF 198 kB) Delta AC Minutes February 19 2020
    RC014 (PDF 98 kB) Alaska Trappers Association comments
    RC015 (PDF 67 kB) Middle Yukon AC Minute Correction
    RC016 (PDF 51 kB) ADF&G Dalton Highway Corridor Managemnet Area Haul Road Matrix
    RC017 (PDF 270 kB) DNR Alaska State Parks Compilation of Northern Region Projects
    RC018 (PDF 1,428 kB) NPS Denail Park Wolf Research In Alaska
    RC019 (PDF 2,329 kB) NPS Denali Park Proposal 152 Presentation
    RC020 (PDF 392 kB) EIRAC Comments
    RC021 (PDF 109 kB) EIRAC Hunter Education & Orientationfor Dahl Sheep in Red Sheep & Cane Creek area
    RC022 (PDF 1,515 kB) WIRAC comments on proposals
    RC023 (PDF 102 kB) Upper Tanana Fortymile AC Minutes February 18 2020
    RC024 (PDF 75 kB) Charles Cobb comments Prop 49 50 53 Dalton Highway CUA
    RC025 (PDF 1,169 kB) Karen Gordon comment on Wolves
    RC026 (PDF 1,070 kB) Jack Reakoff WIRAC Comments
    RC027 (PDF 517 kB) Virgil Umphenour 2019 Net License & Tag Sales
    RC028 (PDF 359 kB) Mackinaw Family Support Prop 152 Option 1
    RC029 (PDF 660 kB) Nate Turner Comments Prop 62 114
    RC030 (PDF 50 kB) Paul Sherry Support Prop 142 143
    RC031 (PDF 16,051 kB) ADF&G Additional Information re Presentation on Caribou Photocensus current and past techniques
    RC032 (PDF 78 kB) Robert Cassell Public Testimony Public Trust Doctrine
    RC032 (PDF 40 kB) Robert Cassell Testimony Support Prop 62
    RC034 (PDF 379 kB) Coke Wallace William Gottmeier written statement personal account re Wolves
    RC035 (PDF 1,096 kB) Dick & Mary Bishop News Miner Article 20A Moose
    RC036 (PDF 679 kB) Deb Curnow Wood River CUA Map and Use Areas
    RC037 (PDF 88 kB) Lee Kayotuk correction to Public Testimony re Prop 63 Opposed
    RC038 (PDF 688 kB) Eva Burk Personal Testimony Oppose Prop 140, Support Prop 141,142,143
    RC039 (PDF 44 kB) Dick Bishop Support Props 94 96 104 121 122 135 140
    RC040 (PDF 115 kB) Susan Hansen Amend Proposal 152
    RC041 (PDF 50 kB) Delta AC Minutes January 15 2020 Prop 88
    RC042 (PDF 93 kB) Nate Turner Public Testimony Prop 62 114
    RC043 (PDF 558 kB) Koyukuk River AC Minutes December 16 2020 correction
    RC044 (PDF 666 kB) TCC Written Comments Tribal Consultation & Proposal Comments
    RC045 (PDF 742 kB) ADF&G Additional Information Expanded Muskox Hunting
    RC046 (PDF 8,221 kB) ADF&G RC4 Tab 9.1 Revised Fairbanks Area Overview
    RC047 (PDF 678 kB) Central Kuskokwim AC amendment 105 map
    RC048 (PDF 1,188 kB) ADF&G Presentation Potlatch & Ceremonial Harvest brief background
    RC049 (PDF 110 kB) Virgil Umphenour Proposal 146 oppose
    RC050 (PDF 481 kB) ADF&G Memo Wildlife Exculded from Ceremonial Harvest 2018 2019
    RC051 (PDF 33 kB) Draft Finding on Ceremonial Harvest in Unit 20B
    RC052 (PDF 106 kB) ADF&G Draft Findings on Unit 19D January & Feburary Registration Moose Hunt
    RC053 (PDF 97 kB) ADF&G BOG Miscellaneous Buisness Agenda
    RC054 (PDF 239 kB) ADF&G Boards Support Public Testimony Log
    RC055 (PDF 158 kB) ADF&G Boards Support Record Copy (RC) Log

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