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Work Session – January 8, 2015

Comment Deadline: December 26, 2014

Location: Juneau – Baranof Hotel

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC001 (PDF 820 kB) Board Workbook
RC002 (PDF 192 kB) On Time Comment Matrix
RC003 (PDF 1,440 kB) AC Comments Work Session
RC004 (PDF 1,492 kB) PC Comments Work Session
RC005 (PDF 2,471 kB) 2012 Taskforce
RC005 (PDF 107 kB) Fairbanks AC Comments Wood Bison
RC006 (PDF 260 kB) Dall Sheep Ram Evaluation and Legal Determination
RC007 (PDF 27 kB) Wayne Heimer Comment Sheep Proposals
RC008 (PDF 15 kB) Frank and Sue Entsminger Matt Snyder Comment Sheep Proposals
RC009 (PDF 40 kB) Ted Spraker Sheep Hunting Options
RC010 (PDF 186 kB) ADFG Sheep Executive Summary
RC011 (PDF 213 kB) Dr Brinkman Sheep Summary
RC012 (PDF 306 kB) Juneau Douglas AC Minutes
RC013 (PDF 1,530 kB) 2014 BOG 3 Year Cycle Survey Report
RC014 (PDF 167 kB) Budget Memo Governor Walker
RC015 (PDF 482 kB) 2015 Division of Subsistence Overview
RC016 (PDF 38 kB) Northern Seward Peninsula AC Comment
RC017 (PDF 280 kB) Kotzebue Sound AC Minutes
RC018 (PDF 172 kB) Noatak Kivalina AC Minutes
RC019 (PDF 53 kB) BOG Generated Sheep Proposals
RC020 (PDF 225 kB) Record Copy Log

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