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Long Term meeting Cycle

The board meeting cycle generally occurs from October through March.  The board considers changes to regulations on a region-based schedule.  Each region will be discussed on a two-year cycle.  When the regional area is before the board, the following regulations are open for consideration within that region:

Trapping Seasons and Bag Limits -- All species
General and Subsistence Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits -- All species
(Except antlerless moose hunts as noted below)
Wolf Control Implementation Plans
Bag Limit for Brown Bears
Areas Closed To Hunting
Closures and Restrictions in State Game Refuges
Management Areas
Controlled Use Areas
Areas Closed To Trapping

Regulations specific to an area (e.g., Permits for Access to Round Island) will be taken up when the board is scheduled to consider regulations in that region.  Proposals for changes to regulations pertaining to reauthorization of all antlerless moose hunts, 5 AAC 85.045, and all brown bear tag fee exemptions, 5 AAC 92.015, will be taken up annually, at spring meetings. 

The Board of Game does not consider proposals to statewide regulations in every meeting cycle.  Instead, the Board of Game reviews statewide regulations on a four-year cycle, distributed between winter meetings, every other year.  The list of statewide regulations and the associated “Cycle A” and “Cycle B” meeting schedule is set forth on the next page of this publication.

        Regulations for:                                               Will be considered

(Region I)
Game Management Units:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Fall 2012  Fall 2014 Fall 2016
(Region II)
Game Management Units:
6, 7, 8, 14C, 15

Spring 2011 Spring 2013 Spring 2015
(Region IV)
Game Management Units:
9, 10, 11, 13, 14A, 14B, 15, 16, 17
Spring 2011  Spring 2013 Spring 2015
(Region V)
Game Management Units:
18, 22, 23, 26A
Fall 2011  Fall 2013 Fall 2015
(Region III)
Game Management Units:
12, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26B, 26C
Spring 2012 Spring 2014 Spring 2016
CYCLE A: 2010, 2014, 2018, 2022 CYCLE B:   2012, 2016, 2020, 2022.

5 AAC Chapter 92 Statewide Provisions:
.001 Application of this Chapter
.002 Liability for Violations
.003 Hunter Education and Orientation Requirements
.004 Policy for Off-Road Vehicle Use for Hunting and Transporting Game
.005 Policy for Changing Board Agenda
.010 Harvest Tickets and Reports
.011 Taking of Game by Proxy
.012 Licenses and Tags
.013 Migratory bird hunting guide services
.018 Waterfowl Conservation Tag
.019 Taking of Big Game for Certain Religious Ceremonies
.020 Application of Permit Regulations and Permit Reports
.025  Permit for Exporting a Raw Skin
.028  Aviculture Permits
.029  Permit for Possessing Live Game
.030  Possession of Wolf Hybrid Prohibited
.031  Permit for Selling Skins, Skulls, and Trophies
.033  Permit for Science, Education, Propagative, or Public Safety Purposes
.034  Permit to Take Game for Cultural Purposes
.039  Permit for Taking Wolves Using Aircraft
.042  Permit to Take Foxes for Protection of Migratory Birds
.047  Permit for Using Radio Telemetry Equipment
.104  Authorization for Methods and Means Disability Exemptions
.106  Intensive Management of Identified Big Game Prey Populations
.110  Control of Predation by Wolves
.115  Control of Predation by Bears
.116  Special Provisions in Predation Control Areas
.141 Transport, Harboring, or Release of Live Muridae Rodents Prohibited
.165  Sealing of Bear Skins and Skulls
.170  Sealing of Marten, Lynx, Beaver, Otter, Wolf, and Wolverine
.171  Sealing of Dall sheep horns
.200  Purchase and Sale of Game
.210  Game as Animal Food or Bait
.220  Salvage of Game Meat, Furs, and Hides
.230  Feeding of Game
.250  Transfer of Musk oxen for Science and Education Purposes
.450  Description of Game Management Units
.990  Definitions 

5 AAC Chapter 92 Statewide Provisions:
.009  Obstruction or hindrance of lawful hunting or trapping
.035  Permit for Temporary Commercial Use of Live Game
.036  Permit for taking a child hunting
.037  Permit for Falconry
.040  Permit for Taking of Furbearers with Game Meat
.041   Permit to Take Beavers to Control Damage to Property
.043  Permit for Capturing Wild Furbearers for Fur Farming
.044  Permit for hunting black bear with the use of bait or scent lures
.049  Permits, Permit Procedures, and Permit Conditions
.050  Required Permit Hunt Conditions and Procedures
.051  Discretionary Trapping Permit Conditions & Procedures
.052  Discretionary Permit Hunt Conditions and Procedures
.057  Special Provisions for Dall Sheep Drawing Permit Hunts
.062  Priority for Subsistence Hunting; Tier II Permits
.068  Permit Conditions for Hunting Black Bear with Dogs
.069  Special Provisions for Moose Drawing Permit Hunts
.070  Tier II Subsistence Hunting Permit Point System
.075  Lawful Methods of Taking Game
.080  Unlawful Methods of Taking Game; Exceptions
.085  Unlawful Methods of Taking Big Game; Exceptions
.090  Unlawful Methods of Taking Fur Animals
.095  Unlawful Methods of Taking Furbearers; Exceptions
.100  Unlawful Methods of Hunting Waterfowl, Snipe, Crane
.130  Restriction to Bag Limit
.135  Transfer of Possession
.140  Unlawful Possession or Transportation of Game
.150  Evidence of Sex and Identity
.160  Marked or Tagged Game
.200 Purchase and Sale of Game
.260  Taking Cub Bears & Female Bears with Cubs Prohibited
.400  Emergency Taking of Game
.410  Taking of Game in Defense of Life or Property
.420  Taking Nuisance Wildlife