Recreational Angler Access Projects

Kvichak River

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Aerial view of trail


The Village of Igiugig is located about 245 miles southwest of Anchorage and can only be accessed via plane. The Kvichak River near the village of Igiugig provides popular sport fishing opportunities for sockeye (red) salmon, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden/Arctic char and Arctic grayling. Prior to the Kvichak River Trail Access project, no developed public access existed that directed fly-in sport anglers from the airport to the river. Sport anglers searching for the best areas to fish were crossing private roads and property through the village to reach the river. Acquiring public access easements from local property owners and developing a trail on these easements was needed to direct sport anglers away from the village and towards some of the more productive sport fishing areas; and to help mitigate trespass problems and assist village residents with their concerns.


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The project objective consisted of constructing a gravel section of trail that extends approximately 800 feet long by about 10 feet wide from the airport service road to a 70-foot turn around near the rivers edge.

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Turnaround at end of trail


This project was completed in the summer of 2001. The trail and turnaround were designed to allow for four-wheeler "taxi/shuttle" service for sport anglers and their gear between the airport and the river and to allow servicing of portable toilets that the village plans on providing near the turnaround. An added benefit of the trail/turnaround was to provide an area for overnight tent camping for sport anglers. In the past most fly-in anglers had camped off the airport runway, creating a safety hazard between pedestrians and aircraft. The location of the project trail lies adjacent to an area that the village is planning on developing into a campground area.