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Bristol Bay Finfish – December 2–8, 2015

Comment Deadline: November 19, 2015

Location: Anchorage – Egan Civic & Convention Center

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CFEC Report:

Meeting Proposals

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Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 699 kB) Senator Kevin Meyer BOF UCI Meeting Location
RC006 (PDF 1,223 kB) Sue Aspelund Support of Proposals 45 46 48 50
RC007 (PDF 1,031 kB) CFEC Permit Stacking Proposals
RC008 (PDF 2,051 kB) Bronson Brito and Susie Jenkins Brito Bristol Bay Finfish Comments
RC009 (PDF 1,063 kB) John Broderik Max Broderik Henry Broderick Proposals 64 69 122
RC010 (PDF 5,479 kB) BBEDC Proposal Positions BBEDC and Bristol Bay ACs
RC011 (PDF 4,889 kB) BBEDC Set Gillnet Permit Stacking
RC012 (PDF 4,869 kB) BBEDC Set Gillnet Permit Stacking Continued
RC013 (PDF 550 kB) Tom OConnor Proposal 66
RC014 (PDF 5,623 kB) Naknek Kvichak AC Minutes
RC015 (PDF 1,663 kB) L Tiel Smith Proposal 59
RC016 (PDF 566 kB) Jonathan Larson Proposals 64 51 52 53
RC017 (PDF 447 kB) Representative Jim Colver UCI Location
RC018 (PDF 909 kB) Senator Dunleavy and Stoltze UCI Location
RC019 (PDF 1,151 kB) Terry Nininger UCI Location
RC020 (PDF 434 kB) Dan Dunaway Proposals 85 78 83
RC021 (PDF 2,268 kB) Diane Wetter Bristol Bay Comments
RC022 (PDF 400 kB) Richard Clark Togiak Management Plan
RC023 (PDF 849 kB) Ninilchik Natives Association UCI Location
RC024 (PDF 274 kB) Barbara Nunn Proposal 63
RC025 (PDF 957 kB) Alanah Hurley Prop 63
RC026 (PDF 2,367 kB) Abe Williams Proposal 51
RC027 (PDF 2,802 kB) Robin Samuelson BB Props
RC028 (PDF 581 kB) King Salmon Village Council Permit Stacking
RC029 (PDF 7,636 kB) BBEDC Resident Participation
RC030 (PDF 4,017 kB) BBEDC CFEC Report 1
RC031 (PDF 5,731 kB) BBEDC CFEC Report 2
RC032 (PDF 6,553 kB) BBEDC CFEC Report 3
RC033 (PDF 6,383 kB) BBEDC CFEC Report 4
RC034 (PDF 1,815 kB) BBEDC CFEC Report 5
RC035 (PDF 765 kB) Bart Meyer BB Proposals
RC036 (PDF 565 kB) Ron Tavis Proposals 22-24
RC037 (PDF 338 kB) Travis Ball Permit Stacking
RC038 (PDF 1,698 kB) Chris Wenzel CAMF Proposals 22-24
RC039 (PDF 353 kB) Chris Wenzel Proposals 22-24
RC040 (PDF 418 kB) Gust Tunguing Testimony
RC041 (PDF 362 kB) Thomas Dock Permit Stacking and Proposal 44
RC042 (PDF 376 kB) Spencer Walcott Proposals 64 and 34
RC043 (PDF 622 kB) Peter Lokuk Proposal 75
RC044 (PDF 2,909 kB) George Wilson Proposal 51
RC045 (PDF 466 kB) John Webb Proposals 51 and 31
RC046 (PDF 647 kB) Thomas Tilden Bristol Bay Proposals
RC047 (PDF 362 kB) Gusty McCarr Permit Stacking
RC048 (PDF 273 kB) Barbara Nunn Proposal 63
RC049 (PDF 1,862 kB) Bristol Bay RAC Proposal 70
RC050 (PDF 605 kB) Danny Togiak Permit Stacking and Proposal 61
RC051 (PDF 1,011 kB) Kvichak Setnetters Association Bristol Bay Proposals
RC052 (PDF 1,694 kB) Nancy Morris Lyon for Bristol Bay RAC Testimony
RC053 (PDF 990 kB) Sport Fish Proposals
RC054 (PDF 470 kB) Igiugig Tribal Village Council Letter Permit Stacking
RC055 (PDF 469 kB) Koliganek Tribal Village Council Letter Permit Stacking
RC056 (PDF 381 kB) Twin Hills Village Council Letter Permit Stacking
RC057 (PDF 380 kB) Clarks Point Village Council Letter Permit Stacking
RC058 (PDF 391 kB) New Stuyahok Traditional Council Letter Permit Stacking
RC059 (PDF 431 kB) Traditional Council of Togiak Letter Permit Stacking
RC060 (PDF 409 kB) Ugashik Village Council Letter Permit Stacking
RC061 (PDF 351 kB) Curyung Tribal Council Letter Permit Stacking
RC062 (PDF 934 kB) Norm Vancactor
RC063 (PDF 3,083 kB) Abe Williams BBEDC Permit Loan Program
RC064 (PDF 605 kB) Tom OConnor Proposal 65
RC065 (PDF 373 kB) Travis Ball Proposals 42-43
RC066 (PDF 2,416 kB) BBEDC Programs
RC067 (PDF 261 kB) Elijah Eknaty Proposal 83
RC068 (PDF 447 kB) Jack Savo Jr Ekuk Village Council Permit Stacking
RC069 (PDF 188 kB) Proposal 78 Map
RC070 (PDF 142 kB) ADFG Prop 82 Herring ANS
RC071 (PDF 1,184 kB) Braden Williams Testimony Permit Stacking
RC072 (PDF 108 kB) ADFG Proposal 82 Option A
RC073 (PDF 108 kB) ADFG Proposal 82 Option B
RC074 (PDF 388 kB) Manokotak Village Council Letter Permmit Stacking
RC075 (PDF 460 kB) Mindy Heyano Permit Stacking
RC076 (PDF 522 kB) Christopher J Erpelding Permit Stacking
RC077 (PDF 735 kB) Nancy Morris Lyon Red Fish Naknek Lake
RC078 (PDF 1,487 kB) Abe Williams Summary of Changes in Permit Ownership
RC079 (PDF 3,315 kB) BBEDC Permit Ownership in Bristol Bay Drift Fishery
RC080 (PDF 3,555 kB) BBEDC Permit Ownership in Bristol Bay Drift Fishery Part 2
RC081 (PDF 4,014 kB) BBEDC Permit Ownership in Bristol Bay Drift Fishery Part 3
RC082 (PDF 3,591 kB) BBEDC Permit Ownership in Bristol Bay Drift Fishery Part 4
RC083 (PDF 3,477 kB) BBEDC Permit Ownership in Bristol Bay Drift Fishery Part 5
RC084 (PDF 1,125 kB) Gayla Hoseth For Reference on Proposal 83
RC085 (PDF 1,741 kB) BBEDC Importance of Bristol Bay Salmon Fisheries to Region and Residents
RC086 (PDF 862 kB) Kayla Miller Proposal 61
RC087 (PDF 490 kB) Hattie Albecker Permit Stacking
RC088 (PDF 4,312 kB) Gerda Kosbruk Proposals 22-23
RC089 (PDF 496 kB) Laura Zimin Proposal 29
RC090 (PDF 657 kB) Lindsy Aspelund Permit Stacking
RC091 (PDF 930 kB) Joseph Kelso Proposal 64 Oppose
RC092 (PDF 1,223 kB) Frank Woods Proposal 44 45-48 and 50
RC093 (PDF 442 kB) Maurice Enright Permit Stacking and Prop 55
RC094 (PDF 266 kB) ADFG Boards Public Testimony Log
RC095 (PDF 715 kB) Chythlook Permit Stacking Proposals 51-52
RC096 (PDF 558 kB) Sirley Kelly Bristol Bay Proposals
RC097 (PDF 661 kB) Danielle Stickman Personal Testimony
RC098 (PDF 188 kB) Randolph Alvarez No Action Proposals 39-40 Support 41
RC099 (PDF 826 kB) Chris Cameron Permit Stacking
RC100 (PDF 229 kB) CFEC Statute Regarding Permit Transfer
RC101 (PDF 273 kB) Togiak Advisory Committee Proposal 221 Ammendment
RC102 (PDF 266 kB) Clara Ann Martin Proposal 221 Opposed
RC103 (PDF 1,103 kB) ADFG for Morisky Substitute Language for Proposal 41
RC104 (PDF 391 kB) Pilot Point Village Council Opposition To Permit Stacking
RC105 (PDF 285 kB) ADFG Substitute Language for Proposal 29
RC106 (PDF 1,640 kB) Kevin McCambly Ammended Language Proposal 43
RC107 (PDF 682 kB) Susie Jenkins-Brito and Katherine Carscallen Proposal 65
RC108 (PDF 233 kB) Diane Wetter Gear Stacking and Extentions
RC109 (PDF 1,183 kB) Mike Friccero Proposal 51
RC110 (PDF 386 kB) David Harsila Proposal 51
RC111 (PDF 367 kB) City of Aleknagik Resolution 11-05 WRSHA
RC112 (PDF 437 kB) Christine Poulsen Proposal 221 Opposition
RC113 (PDF 1,614 kB) Bill Sanchez Proposals 44 and 221
RC114 (PDF 632 kB) Native Village Of South Naknek Permit Stacking
RC115 (PDF 5,483 kB) Board Support Bristol Bay Economic Info
RC116 (PDF 700 kB) Chris Cameron Drift Gillnet Stacking
RC117 (PDF 3,148 kB) Eric Meyer WASSIP Special Publication No 12-24
RC118 (PDF 434 kB) ADFG Corrected Map Proposal 86
RC119 (PDF 728 kB) Susie Jenkins-Brito and Katherine Carscallen Support Proposal 65
RC120 (PDF 717 kB) Levelock Village Council Support Proposal 56
RC121 (PDF 1,859 kB) Augistine Grossi Proposal 60
RC122 (PDF 418 kB) Travis Ball City Of Aleknegik Resolution 11-05
RC123 (PDF 531 kB) Reed Ten Kley Proposal 60
RC124 (PDF 271 kB) ADFG for Kluberton Cost Eatamate Proposal 56
RC125 (PDF 1,138 kB) Janet Armstrong Schlagel Map Proposal 59
RC126 (PDF 205 kB) ADFG Re Kluberton Map Prop 59
RC127 (PDF 286 kB) Gustie Talekpalek Village of Levelock
RC128 (PDF 507 kB) Randolph Alvarez Proposal 58
RC129 (PDF 2,601 kB) Kiril Z Basargin Permit Stacking and Bounday Lines
RC130 (PDF 316 kB) BBEDC Proposal 90
RC131 (PDF 524 kB) BBEDC Proposal 89
RC132 (PDF 314 kB) BBEDC Proposal 77
RC133 (PDF 297 kB) BBEDC Proposal 69
RC134 (PDF 631 kB) BBEDC Proposals 66-67
RC135 (PDF 339 kB) BBEDC Proposal 64
RC136 (PDF 403 kB) BBEDC Proposal 78
RC137 (PDF 992 kB) Agostino Grossi Proposal 60
RC138 (PDF 54 kB) Boards Support UCI Costs
RC139 (PDF 1,266 kB) ADFG Nushagak Tide Openings
RC140 (PDF 570 kB) Group Of Nushagak Fishermen Proposal 68 and Four and Three Quarter Mesh
RC141 (PDF 357 kB) ADFG For Huntington Substitute Language Proposal 79
RC142 (PDF 785 kB) Janet Schlagel for Huntington Proposal 59 Map
RC143 (PDF 208 kB) Proposal 56 Substitute Language
RC144 (PDF 1,058 kB) Eric Meyer Proposal 54 Amended Language
RC145 (PDF 510 kB) BBEDC Proposal 65 and 66 Sub Lang
RC146 (PDF 326 kB) Agostino Grossi Proposal 60 Comments
RC147 (PDF 631 kB) Marty Jacques Proposal 89
RC148 (PDF 226 kB) Robert Heyano Withdrawl Of Proposal 64
RC149 (PDF 620 kB) Combined Drift Fishermen Compromise Prop 68
RC150 (PDF 588 kB) BBEDC Prop 89 and 90 Suggesed Language
RC151 (PDF 241 kB) Randolph Alvarez Proposal 83
RC152 (PDF 292 kB) Gayla Hoseth and Family Proposal 68
RC153 (PDF 323 kB) Reid Ten Kley Proposal 60
RC154 (PDF 1,193 kB) Reid Ten Kley Proposal 60 Map
RC155 (PDF 1,036 kB) Reid Ten Kley Proposal 60
RC156 (PDF 368 kB) William Trefon Jr Proposal 83
RC157 (PDF 229 kB) Danielle Stickman Prop 83 Suggested Language
RC158 (PDF 116 kB) Misc Business Agenda BB Finfish
RC159 (PDF 445 kB) ADFG Deligation to Incorporate Fish Resource Permits
RC160 (PDF 519 kB) ADFG Charge Statement Costal Erosion Impacts Set Gillnet

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