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Alaska Peninsula / Aleutian Island / Chignik Finfish – February 20-27, 2023

Location: Anchorage – Dena'ina Center

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Action Plans:

Department of Law Comments (PDF 87 kB)

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 208 kB)

CFEC Permit Holdings and Estimates of Gross Earnings in the Chignik and Alaska Peninsula Commercial Salmon Fisheries, 1975 – 2021 (PDF 1,845 kB)

CFEC Comments on Proposal 119 (PDF 296 kB)

Meeting Proposals

Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Island/Chignik Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Island/Chignik Finfish | Hide Category Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Island/Chignik Finfish

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC006 (PDF 759 kB) AFN letter and resolution 22-2
RC007 (PDF 2,028 kB) Kawerak, INC Proposal 140 Support
RC008 (PDF 33 kB) False Pass AC Minutes February 13 2023
RC009 (PDF 41 kB) King Cove AC Minutes February 15 2023
RC010 (PDF 801 kB) Melvin Larsen South Unimak vs North Pacific Map
RC011 (PDF 804 kB) Calista Corporation comments to AK BoF
RC012 (PDF 1,401 kB) Ugashik Set Net Association OHP-Cinder River
RC013 (PDF 1,446 kB) Connor Murphy Substitute Language 99,100,101,102
RC014 (PDF 866 kB) Tony Parra Proposal 140 Comment
RC015 (PDF 2,808 kB) Connor Murphy Proposal 129 Algae Bloom in Port Moller
RC016 (PDF 729 kB) Trident Chum Pool Explanation
RC017 (PDF 295 kB) Axel Kopun Map For Proposal 118
RC018 (PDF 287 kB) Mark Reutov Proposal 126 map
RC019 (PDF 830 kB) Gale Vick Proposal 140 Support
RC020 (PDF 290 kB) Eric Nucci Sockeye Returning to Nelson Lagoon
RC021 (PDF 1,019 kB) Zach Wooding June Fishery Chum Stock Compositions
RC022 (PDF 566 kB) Tom Wooding N. Peninsula Fisheries of the Nelson Stock
RC023 (PDF 1,136 kB) Chignik Intertribal Coalition FMS22-05 REV. of Salmon Esca
RC024 (PDF 2,651 kB) Steve Brown WASSIP Cooperation Among Stakeholders to
RC025 (PDF 1,027 kB) Tyler Wooding WASSIP and 2022 Chum Harvest Rates
RC026 (PDF 137 kB) Kirk Kuznetson Proposal 125 Line Swing
RC027 (PDF 798 kB) Nana Kalmakoff Proposals 106, 109, 140 support
RC028 (PDF 576 kB) Axel Kopun Map For Proposal 111
RC029 (PDF 652 kB) Cody Trader Key Summary Results Asia and Coastal Western Alaska
RC030 (PDF 68 kB) Pat Springer Northern Peninsula Escapement 1986 to 2022
RC031 (PDF 55 kB) Stanley Mack Trubutaries of the Yukon River
RC032 (PDF 1,341 kB) Stanley Mack Div. of Spill Prevention & Response Contamination Yukon River
RC033 (PDF 507 kB) Stanley Mack Runoff Pollution Poisoning Yukon River
RC034 (PDF 690 kB) Member Heimbuch Chignik and South Peninsula June Sockeye Harvest 1980-2022
RC035 (PDF 613 kB) Nate Rose Percentrage of Sockeye Harvest in Outer Areas of Chignik Mgmt Area
RC036 (PDF 609 kB) Jay Smith North AK Peninsula Commercial Salmon Annual Mgmt Report 2008
RC037 (PDF 1,651 kB) Robin Samuelsen Chronology of the South and North Peninsula Area M Commercial Fisheries From 1970-1997
RC038 (PDF 1,841 kB) Gary Cline Chronology of the South and North Peninsula Area M Commercial Fisheries From 1970-1997
RC039 (PDF 1,052 kB) Moses Toyukak Chronology of the South and North Peninsula Area M Commercial Fisheries from 1970-1997
RC040 (PDF 165 kB) Axel Kopun June-July 2019 Chignik Sockeye Escapement
RC041 (PDF 132 kB) Axel Kopun Decrease of Early and late Run Escapement Goals Since 2002
RC042 (PDF 148 kB) Axel Kopun 5 best 3-year Average Chignik Sockeye harvest
RC043 (PDF 163 kB) Axel Kopun 5 Worst 3-Year Avg Chignik Sockeye Harvests 197
RC044 (PDF 234 kB) Axel Kopun Chignik Sockeye Harvest 1970-2022
RC045 (PDF 384 kB) Axel Kopun Black Lake
RC046 (PDF 32 kB) Tim Murphy Prospective Gear Changes to Midigate Chum and
RC047 (PDF 923 kB) Unga Tribal Council Resolution 23-02
RC048 (PDF 669 kB) Member Heimbuch Exvessel value of 2019-2022 South Alaska Peninsula sockeye and chum salmon in June
RC049 (PDF 658 kB) Wally Hinder Testimony
RC050 (PDF 138 kB) James Nicori personal Testimony
RC051 (PDF 1,175 kB) Daniel Schindler Scientific Concerns about Escapement Goal
RC052 (PDF 817 kB) Ugashik Set net Assoc. Proposal 126 and Cinder River
RC053 (PDF 708 kB) Jared Danielson References
RC054 (PDF 699 kB) Francis Thompson Personal Testimony
RC055 (PDF 744 kB) Timothy Andrew Personal Testimony
RC056 (PDF 359 kB) Brad Barr South Unimak and Shumagin Island June Commercial Salmon Harvest By Species and Year
RC057 (PDF 2,371 kB) Fairbanks Advisory Committee Laws Relevant to Proposal 140
RC058 (PDF 436 kB) Vivian Korthuis Pictures
RC059 (PDF 260 kB) Lake and Peninsula Resolution 23-10
RC060 (PDF 354 kB) Lake and Peninsula Resolution 23-07
RC061 (PDF 809 kB) Nate Rose CWAK Chum Harvest
RC062 (PDF 715 kB) Allen Mitchell Personal Testimony
RC063 (PDF 626 kB) Chignik Stakeholder Positions on Proposals
RC064 (PDF 741 kB) Nate Rose Harvest of Sockeye
RC065 (PDF 176 kB) Charlie Wright EIRAC Subsistance Composition on the Yukon
RC066 (PDF 712 kB) ADF&G Corrected Genetic Conclusions
RC067 (PDF 673 kB) Axel Kopun Uyak Tagged Sockeye
RC068 (PDF 1,057 kB) City of Sand Point Resolution23-04
RC069 (PDF 704 kB) Area M Seiners Assoc. Area M Fleet Management Strategy
RC070 (PDF 25 kB) George Gundersen Proposal 110
RC071 (PDF 677 kB) Ben Allen Proposal 143 Amended Language
RC072 (PDF 76 kB) Tiffany Andrew Personal Story
RC073 (PDF 90 kB) Kodiak AC Proposal 108 Amended
RC074 (PDF 656 kB) Alfredo Aboueid Personal Testimony
RC075 (PDF 4,204 kB) Conor Murphy Proposal 129 Monofilament Gill Net Study
RC076 (PDF 607 kB) Jim Smith Proposal 130
RC077 (PDF 784 kB) Sandpoint AC Estimated Yukon River Summer Chum Salmon Run Size
RC078 (PDF 257 kB) ADF&G Boards Public Testimony List Final
RC079 (PDF 428 kB) Bearing Sea Fishermans Assoc. Examples of Sustainable Salmon Mgmt. to Meet Escapement Goals
RC080 (PDF 735 kB) Darlene Pete Suppport Proposal 140
RC081 (PDF 402 kB) John Foster Testimony and Info Requested by Boardmember Wood
RC082 (PDF 1,695 kB) Office Subsistence Management Clarifying Subsistance
RC083 (PDF 53 kB) Nick Kameroff Jr. Personal Testimony
RC084 (PDF 743 kB) Area M Seiners Proposed 2023 Adaptive Management Plan
RC085 (PDF 655 kB) Michael Kramer Proposal 140
RC086 (PDF 664 kB) Fairbanks AC Chum Salmon Estimates
RC087 (PDF 40 kB) Jim Smith Proposal 142
RC088 (PDF 820 kB) Charlottte Levy Proposed Area M Fleet Management Data
RC089 (PDF 796 kB) Peter Westley Follow up Info with member John Wood
RC090 (PDF 799 kB) Gene Sandone Yukon Delta Fish. Assoc. Proposal 140 Support
RC091 (PDF 630 kB) Chantae Kochuten Personal Testimony
RC092 (PDF 597 kB) Clarissa Devine Personal Testimony
RC093 (PDF 662 kB) Robert Heyano Proposals 134 139 to 140
RC094 (PDF 1,086 kB) Frank Woods Personal Testimony on Proposals
RC095 (PDF 1,048 kB) Angela Johnson Personal Testimony
RC096 (PDF 668 kB) Darren Johnson Personal Testimony
RC097 (PDF 749 kB) Kiley Thompson Area M Seiners Assoc. Area M Draft Plan Revision
RC098 (PDF 805 kB) Craig Chythlook Summary of Catch & Gross Income
RC099 (PDF 1,287 kB) George Anderson Public Testimony requested by Member Wood
RC100 (PDF 1,962 kB) Gene Sadone Public Testimony
RC101 (PDF 635 kB) George Anderson Extracted page from October 2021 Meeting
RC103 (PDF 661 kB) ADFG FOR BOARD MEMBER JOHN WOOD Substitute Language Proposal 140
RC104 (PDF 750 kB) Kiley Thompson Area M Draft Plan Revision 3
RC105 (PDF 587 kB) Dia Kuzmin Withdrawal Proposal 123
RC106 (PDF 587 kB) Concerned Area M Fisherman
RC107 (PDF 586 kB) Concerned Area M Fisherman Withdrawal Support Prop 122 124
RC108 (PDF 681 kB) Sherman McNeley's Personal Testimony
RC109 (PDF 676 kB) Chuck McCallum Personal Testimony Proposal 105
RC110 (PDF 638 kB) Karma Ulvi Chief of Native Vill of Eagle Native of Village of Eagle Testimony
RC111 (PDF 646 kB) Axel Koun Subsistence Definitions
RC112 (PDF 1,961 kB) Craig Chythlook South Ak Peninsula Chum 1962 to 2022
RC113 (PDF 614 kB) Rochelle Adams Personal Testimony
RC114 (PDF 685 kB) ADFG for Board Member Stan Zurary Map for Proposal 125
RC115 (PDF 714 kB) Clarissa Devine Testimony
RC116 (PDF 428 kB) Tom Wooding Sockeye Ret. Per Cent EastSide BB-Nelson River
RC117 (PDF 653 kB) Axel Kopun Public Testimony
RC118 (PDF 704 kB) Earl Krygier Testimony Requested by Board Member Wood
RC119 (PDF 689 kB) Warren Wilson Personal Testimony
RC120 (PDF 2,213 kB) Mark McNeley ADFG 62-21 Sockeye North Area Escape & Catch
RC121 (PDF 609 kB) Tim Heuker Rolling Closures
RC122 (PDF 923 kB) Virgil Uphenour Partial Fish Tkt Summary Area M Gillnet
RC123 (PDF 1,189 kB) Cody Larson Active Permits for Non-Salmon
RC124 (PDF 2,884 kB) Geroge Anderson Rosier Analysis for Board Member Wood
RC125 (PDF 660 kB) Nate Rose Proposal 111 Amendment
RC126 (PDF 651 kB) Nate Rose Proposal 113 Amendment
RC127 (PDF 679 kB) Nate Rose Proposal 118 Amendment
RC128 (PDF 765 kB) ADFG Hatchery Data Info for NPAFC
RC129 (PDF 663 kB) ADFG Substitute Language for Proposal 140
RC130 (PDF 711 kB) ADFG Substitute Language for Proposal 105
RC131 (PDF 625 kB) ADFG Substitute langauge Proposal 120 Member Mitchell
RC132 (PDF 679 kB) Brooke Woods Health Benefits Yukon River Salmon
RC133 (PDF 2,364 kB) Axel Kopun Special Publication No 12-12 WASSIP
RC134 (PDF 622 kB) Gene Sandone Harvest Rate vs Harvest
RC135 (PDF 614 kB) Charlotte Levy Fact Sheet
RC136 (PDF 603 kB) ADFG Substitute Language for Proposals 99-102 Board Member Vandort
RC137 (PDF 609 kB) ADFG Substitute Language for Proposal 98
RC138 (PDF 766 kB) Peter Westley Key Figures Chignik
RC139 (PDF 906 kB) Steve Reifenstuh Key Facts Area M
RC140 (PDF 1,650 kB) Peter Westley Research 2018 Chignik Disaster
RC141 (PDF 727 kB) Robin Samuelsen Increased Fishing Shumagins
RC142 (PDF 663 kB) Amy Foster Proposal 131
RC143 (PDF 717 kB) Kiley Thompson Response to Fairbanks AC
RC144 (PDF 666 kB) Gene Sandone Harvest Vs Harvest Rate Additional Material
RC145 (PDF 659 kB) Stanley Mack Personal Testimony
RC146 (PDF 1,546 kB) Steve Brown 2004 Board Findings
RC147 (PDF 714 kB) Gene Sandone Unimak Chum Salmon by Year
RC148 (PDF 613 kB) Jim Smith Additional Language to RC076 for Proposal 130
RC149 (PDF 617 kB) Mark McNeley Nelson River Daily Escapement 2012
RC150 (PDF 556 kB) Steve Brown CAMF Withdraw Proposal 125
RC151 (PDF 36 kB) Josephine Augustine-Edmund Support Proposal 140
RC152 (PDF 1,309 kB) Nate Rose Kodiak Seiners Assoc Mixed Stock Management Approach Outer CMA
RC153 (PDF 12 kB) Edgar Smith Substitute Langouage Proposals 130 and 131
RC154 (PDF 594 kB) Emil Mobeck Proposal 131
RC155 (PDF 1,129 kB) Connor Murphy Substitute Language Proposal 151
RC156 (PDF 3,511 kB) Drew Sparlin Jr. Substantial Changes Chignik Upper Lake System
RC157 (PDF 1,907 kB) Donne Harris Testimony
RC158 (PDF 1,192 kB) Allen Mitchell Comments on Proposal 140
RC159 (PDF 247 kB) Sand Point AC Substitute Language Proposal 132
RC160 (PDF 227 kB) Sand Point AC Minutes February 23 2023
RC161 (PDF 621 kB) Raechel Allen Amendment Proposal 141
RC162 (PDF 637 kB) ADFG for Board Member Carlson Van Dort Substitute Language for Proposal 140
RC163 (PDF 553 kB) Joe Hinton Withdraw Proposal 127
RC164 (PDF 647 kB) Eva Burk Minto Nenana AC Testimony
RC165 (PDF 575 kB) Eva Burk Personal Testimony
RC166 (PDF 1,419 kB) Brook Woods Committee Of The Whole Comments
RC167 (PDF 595 kB) Eva Burk Minto Nenana AC Committee Of The Whole Testimony
RC168 (PDF 999 kB) Minto Nenana AC Chum Graphs
RC169 (PDF 895 kB) Steve Reifenstull Eastern Aleutians Fisheries Coalition Comments Proposal 140 modifications
RC170 (PDF 1,589 kB) Mark McNeley Nelson Lagoon Stock Comp Female Escapement Objective
RC171 (PDF 97 kB) Danny Cumberlidge Area M Seiners Support RC 125
RC172 (PDF 106 kB) Andrew Manos Area M Seiners Support RC 126
RC173 (PDF 376 kB) Carlin Hoblet Area M Seiners Support RC 152
RC174 (PDF 1,357 kB) Kiley Thompson Area M Seiners Oppose RC 161
RC175 (PDF 622 kB) Edgar Smith Proposal 140 Comment
RC176 (PDF 574 kB) Edgar Smith Prop 145 Comments
RC177 (PDF 584 kB) Edgar Smith Comment on RC 144
RC178 (PDF 760 kB) Edgar Smith Comments on Proposal 132
RC179 (PDF 640 kB) ADFG for Board Member Carlson-Van Dort Substitute Language Proposal 140
RC180 (PDF 1,306 kB) Patrick Brown Proposal 152 Map
RC181 (PDF 935 kB) Nadine Kochuten Aleut International Assoc. Support for Area M
RC182 (PDF 4,254 kB) Eva Burk Minto Nenana AC Social Disparities in AYK Region Map and Graph
RC183 (PDF 726 kB) Mitch Seybert Comments on Proposal 126
RC184 (PDF 602 kB) Nate Rose Withdraw Proposal 112
RC185 (PDF 585 kB) Edgar Smith Additional Comment Proposal 132
RC186 (PDF 858 kB) Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Assoc. CWAK Harvest by Stratum WASSIP and 2022
RC187 (PDF 702 kB) Chignik Intertribal Coalition Amend Language Proposal 133
RC188 (PDF 695 kB) Board Member Jensen Substitute Language and Calendar Proposal 136
RC189 (PDF 630 kB) Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Assoc.2022 GSI proportion of cwak chum harvest by stratum and gear
RC190 (PDF 772 kB) ADFG for Member Jensen Substitute language and Calander Proposal 136
RC191 (PDF 733 kB) Chignik Intertribal Coalition Amended Language Proposal 133
RC192 (PDF 725 kB) Tanana Chiefs Conference Substitute Language based on RC188
RC193 (PDF 678 kB) Peter Pan Seafoods Comment on Proposals Reducing Time and Area North Peninsula
RC194 (PDF 705 kB) Trident Seafoods Support for RCs 104 and 190
RC195 (PDF 1,150 kB) Area M Seiners and CAMF Support for RC190
RC196 (PDF 724 kB) Silver Bay Seafoods Support for Adaptive Management
RC197 (PDF 671 kB) Peter Pan Seafood BOF Support RC190
RC198 (PDF 920 kB) CAMF-Chris Wencel Comments on Proposal 120
RC199 (PDF 91 kB) CAMF Proposal 128 Cost for Fisherman
RC200 (PDF 866 kB) CAMF Proposal 126 Comments
RC201 (PDF 1,155 kB) Chignik Intertribal Coalition Substitute Language Proposal 105
RC202 (PDF 1,015 kB) Megan Krupa Comment on Board of Fish Process
RC203 (PDF 592 kB) Area M Seiners Assoc. Requst to Withdraw Proposal 107
RC204 (PDF 853 kB) ADFG Response to RC051
RC205 (PDF 1,288 kB) Warren Gibbons Additional Language Proposal 126
RC206 (PDF 879 kB) CAMF Herendeen Bay Info and Map
RC207 (PDF 1,710 kB) Robert Heyano Stock Mixtures Partial Area Closures OPH
RC208 (PDF 1,194 kB) Chignik Intertribal Coalition RC104 Statewide Meeting March 2022
RC209 (PDF 991 kB) Mark McNeley Substitute language Proposal 120
RC210 (PDF 583 kB) Amy Foster Proposal 115 Substitute Language
RC211 (PDF 584 kB) Area M Seiners Association Proposal 116 Substitute Language
RC212 (PDF 3,500 kB) Dan Schindler Response to RC 204
RC213 (PDF 574 kB) Fritz Johnson Support RC205 Proposal 126
RC214 (PDF 308 kB) Concerned Area M Fishermen Comment on Proposal 126
RC215 (PDF 1,051 kB) Brook Woods Changes in Sharing and Participation are Important Predictors
RC216 (PDF 642 kB) Board Member Carlson Van-Dort Substitute langauge Proposal 105
RC217 (PDF 698 kB) Board Member Carlson Van-Dort Substitute langauge Proposal 132
RC218 (PDF 1,200 kB) Brook Woods Correction to RC215
RC219 (PDF 618 kB) Area M Seiners Support for Chignik Sockeye Action 1
RC220 (PDF 649 kB) Area M Seiners Assoc. Chignik River King Salmon Action Plan RC 5
RC221 (PDF 596 kB) Area M Seiners Assoc. Chignik sockeye Option 1 RC004
RC222 (PDF 751 kB) ADFG Boards Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC223 (PDF 749 kB) Board Member Mitchell Proposal 109 New Information
RC224 (PDF 592 kB) ADFG for Board Member Mitchell Proposal 109 Substitute Language
RC225 (PDF 867 kB) Aleutians East Borough Opposition to RC192 Monitoring Requirement
RC226 (PDF 890 kB) ADFG Boards Record Copy Log

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