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Statewide Pacific Cod – October 18-22, 2013

Comment Deadline: September 25, 2013

Location: Anchorage – Hilton Anchorage

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 364 kB) ADF&G Cod Management Plans
RC005 (PDF 32 kB) Adak Community Development Corporation Comments on Prop 9
RC006 (PDF 71 kB) Chignik AC Sub Committee Minutes
RC007 (PDF 156 kB) False Pass AC Minutes
RC008 (PDF 334 kB) NPFMC and NMFS Comments
RC009 (PDF 104 kB) Kodiak AC Minutes
RC010 (PDF 1,104 kB) Extended Jurisdiction
RC011 (PDF 43 kB) Darius Kasprzak Comments on Proposasls 14 & 22
RC012 (PDF 190 kB) Chignik Marketing Association Comments on Proposals 1-15
RC013 (PDF 106 kB) Jeff Steele Comments on Proposal 34
RC014 (PDF 152 kB) Jeff Steele Report Excerpt
RC015 (PDF 82 kB) Ben Allen Amendment on Proposal 15
RC016 (PDF 87 kB) NPFMC Economic Report Requested by Johnstone
RC017 (PDF 323 kB) Sand Point AC Minutes
RC018 (PDF 47 kB) AK Groundfish Data Bank Comments
RC019 (PDF 97 kB) NPFMC Reducing Bycatch in AK
RC020 (PDF 306 kB) Mike McElhenie Kodiak Trawlers
RC021 (PDF 42 kB) AK Whitefish Trawlers Association
RC022 (PDF 135 kB) Buck Laukitis BOF Findings 1996
RC023 (PDF 117 kB) Alfredo Aboueid Oral Testimony
RC024 (PDF 212 kB) Public Testimony Log
RC025 (PDF 26 kB) Dennis Eggers Proposals 2-5 & 18-21
RC026 (PDF 108 kB) Chignik Marketing Association Position on Proposals 15,35,36
RC027 (PDF 103 kB) Buck Laukitis Bering Sea Mgm't Plan
RC028 (PDF 17 kB) Ilia Kuzmin Proposal 6 Bycatch Comments
RC029 (PDF 17 kB) Member Kluberton Chignik Season Opening Date
RC030 (PDF 37 kB) Martin Spargo Comments on Proposal 6
RC031 (PDF 34 kB) ADF&G Proposal 6 Information
RC032 (PDF 22 kB) Adam Lalich Jig Comments on Proposals 35-36
RC033 (PDF 25 kB) Alfredo Aboueid Correction to RC23
RC034 (PDF 29 kB) Chuck McCallum Proposals 13-14 Comments
RC035 (PDF 62 kB) Member Johnstone Bering Sea Mgm't Plan
RC036 (PDF 33 kB) Buck Laukitis Bering Sea Allocation
RC037 (PDF 16 kB) Ron & Julie Kavanaugh Area O Fishery
RC038 (PDF 25 kB) Jody Cook Comments on Proposal 18
RC039 (PDF 20 kB) Leonard Herzog Area O-Fishery Position
RC040 (PDF 60 kB) Member Johnstone Amendment to RC35
RC041 (PDF 30 kB) Todd Hoppe Support for RC36
RC042 (PDF 160 kB) Dan Veerhusen Atka Mackerel
RC043 (PDF 139 kB) FV Taurus Atka Mackerel
RC044 (PDF 123 kB) FV Half Moon Bay Atka Mackerel
RC045 (PDF 22 kB) ACDC Atka Mackerel
RC046 (PDF 25 kB) Chignik Marketing Association Proposal 18
RC047 (PDF 51 kB) Ben Allen Proposal 15 Amendment
RC048 (PDF 19 kB) Jeff Steele Withdrawal of Proposal 34
RC049 (PDF 234 kB) Committee A Summary
RC050 (PDF 220 kB) Committee B Summary
RC051 (PDF 18 kB) Member Morisky Substitute Language Proposal 15
RC052 (PDF 21 kB) Ben Allen Removal of Support Propsals 8 & 11
RC053 (PDF 25 kB) Member Kluberton Atka Mackerel Information
RC054 (PDF 133 kB) Johnstone Atka Mackerel Management Plan
RC055 (PDF 153 kB) Todd Loomis Proposal 37 Comments
RC056 (PDF 84 kB) BOF Misc Business Agenda

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