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Long Term meeting Cycle

The board meeting cycle is three years long. The Meetings generally occur from October through March.  The board considers changes to regulations on a region-based schedule.  All fisheries are considered when the regional area, shellfish species, or statewide regulations are before the board.  The fisheries include subsistence, sport, guided sport, personal use, and commercial.  Special petition and agenda change request procedures are available for the board to consider out-of-cycle requests.

1) Statewide shellfish regulations will not be considered every meeting cycle.  When setting the future meeting schedule annually, the board will determine whether to consider statewide finfish or shellfish regulations for that meeting cycle.
2) The proposal deadline is April 10 every year. If April 10 falls on a weekend, the proposal deadline is the Friday preceding that weekend.

Meeting Cycle: 2013/2014       2016/2017       2019/2020 2022/2023

Cook Inlet Area (All Finfish)
Kodiak and Chignik Areas (All Finfish)
King and Tanner Crab (Statewide, except Southeast/Yakutat)

Meeting Cycle:  2011/2012       2014/2015       2017/2018       2020/2021

Prince William Sound Area (All Finfish)
Southeast/Yakutat Areas (All Finfish)
Southeast/Yakutat Areas (King Crab, Tanner Crab, Dungeness Crab, Shrimp; and Miscellaneous
Statewide Miscellaneous Shellfish and Provisions

Meeting Cycle: 2012/2013       2015/2016       2018/2019       2021/2022

Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Island Areas (All Finfish)
Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Areas (All Finfish)
Bristol Bay Area (All Finfish)
Statewide Provisions for Finfish

 This schedule was adopted November 9, 1990.

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