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Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Division of Administrative Services
Division Staff

Juneau Headquarters Staff

Sunny Haight (907) 465-5999

Deputy Director
Carol Petraborg (907) 465-6077

Information Technology Section Head
Jeff Kasper (907) 465-6082

Workforce Development Section Head
Sheila Cameron (907) 465-6347

Fiscal Section Head
Christine O'Sullivan (907) 465-6068

Licensing Section Head
Michelle Kaelke (907) 465-6091

Procurement Section Head
John White (907) 465-6178

Human Resources Section Head
Stacie Bentley (907) 465-2463

Administrative Section Heads

Anchorage Administrative Section Head
Patrick Bobo (907) 267-2156

Fairbanks Administrative Section Head
Kerry Savereide (907) 459-7269

Douglas Administrative Section Head
Recie Jones (907) 465-6075

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If you are unsure where the person you are looking for works within the State of Alaska, see the Employee Directory.

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