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Alaska Correlations: Curriculum Search

— Alaska Conservation Education Curriculum Search Correlated to Alaska State Content Standards

This website allows educators to easily search Project WILD Curricula, Project Learning Tree and the five volumes of the Alaska Wildlife Curriculum for educational activities by name, state content standard, topic and grade level for fast integration into lesson plans.

Project WILD and Project Learning Tree (PLT) are national conservation education programs. In Alaska, PLT is managed by the Department of Natural Resources while Project WILD is managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The Alaska Wildlife Curriculum, which includes PLT and Project WILD activities adapted for Alaska, is also managed by Fish and Game.

Sample Search: How would I use this website?

Example 1: So let’s say you want to teach your class a lesson on biodiversity.

  1. Find the tabs on the left margin of this page.
  2. Go to "Search by Topic"
  3. Select the box for "Biodiversity"
  4. Click on the "Submit Search"

Example 2: Or say you want all the activities that address science standard A-1.

  1. Go to "Search by Standard"
  2. Click and the corresponding box
  3. "Submit Search"

We hope you find searching our database easier than flipping through multiple books! Use this website with the Alaska Wildlife Curriculum CD for even greater ease.

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