Project WILD

— a standards correlated PreK-12 conservation education program
focusing on wildlife and fostering responsible action toward natural resources.

Project WILD, Project Aquatic, Science and Civics and Growing Up WILD are national award-winning conservation and environmental education curricula emphasizing wildlife. It was developed by the Council for Environmental Education in Houston, Texas. The curricula are designed for educators (both formal and non-formal) of pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade and sponsored by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Interdisciplinary: Project WILD activities are interdisciplinary and designed to enrich subjects, concepts and skills already taught in classrooms, summer camps, after-school programs, youth organizations and at home.

Teacher Friendly: Activity guides were designed and tested by teachers. Each activity includes objectives, methods, background information, step-by-step directions, discussion ideas and potential extensions for further learning.

Great for Schools & Communities: Project WILD lessons can easily be tailored to meet local and individual needs. Our workshops rely on community participation and incorporate local knowledge relating to wildlife.

Active Learning/State Standards: You�ll find hundreds of activities in the guides to help incorporate wildlife-related concepts into classroom learning. Each activity is correlated to Alaska�s State Content Standards and designed to teach one or more of the following concepts:

  • habitat and ecological systems
  • wildlife conservation
  • cultural and social interaction with wildlife
  • environmental issues and trends
  • alternatives and consequences
  • ecological systems
  • responsible human actions
  • awareness and appreciation of wildlife
  • human values and the wildlife resource

* Some materials are also available in Spanish.

Affordable and Flexible: Workshops vary in length and according to need. Costs are minimal and many workshops offer a continuing education credit for educators. Find out about a workshop near you on our workshops page.

Project Wild has a National Project Wild website.

For more information, or to schedule a workshop in your community, contact:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Division of Wildlife Conservation
333 Raspberry Road
Anchorage, AK 99518-1599

Or visit the Educators Contacts page.

You can also look for upcoming workshops on our workshop calendar or sign up for our list-serv to have workshop information delivered to your e-mail.

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