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Alaska Department of
Fish and Game

P.O. Box 115526
1255 W. 8th Street
Juneau, AK 99811-5526

24-hour Sport Fishing Information

The Division of Sport Fish has developed a statewide system of recorded sport fishing information messages, which are updated frequently. These messages include recent fishing results from the local area and changes in regulations.

Reports are maintained from approximately April 15-September 15 annually.

There are currently no toll-free phone numbers for contacting Sport Fish Division

Southeast Alaska

Ketchikan....(907) 225-0475
Juneau....(907) 465-4116
Haines....(907) 766-2625

Copper River Dip Net

Fairbanks....(907) 459-7382
Glennallen....(907) 822-5224

Cook Inlet Dip Net

Anchorage....(907) 267-2512
Kenai/Kasilof Fish Counts....(907) 262-9097

Southcentral Alaska

Kodiak....(907) 486-5176
Homer....(907) 235-6930
Soldotna....(907) 262-2737
Anchorage....(907) 267-2510
Palmer....(907) 746-6300

Interior Alaska

Fairbanks....(907) 459-7385
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