Bristol Bay location map

Commercial Salmon Fisheries
Bristol Bay Management Area


Recorded Announcements:
Eastside Fisheries: (907) 246-INFO (4636) Westside Fisheries: (907) 842-5226

Fishery Advisory Announcements

    There are no announcements for this fishery since January 1, 2022

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Bristol Bay Daily Run Summary

Bristol Bay Salmon Escapement

Preliminary Inseason Escapement Estimates

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Sockeye Salmon Escapement Goal Ranges

Ugashik River 500,000-1,400,000
Egegik River 800,000-2,000,000
Naknek River 800,000-2,000,000
Kvichak River 2,000,000-10,000,000
Alagnak River > 210,000
Nushagak River 370,000-900,000
Wood River 700,000-1,800,000
Igushik River 150,000-400,000
Togiak River 120,000-270,000

Chinook Salmon Escapement Goal Range

Nushagak River 55,000-120,000