Chinook Salmon Research Plan and 2012 Symposium

Symposium Overview & Information

Chinook Salmon
Photo courtesy of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game hosted a scientific symposium in Anchorage, Alaska, October 22nd & 23rd, 2012. The goal of the Symposium was to identify and discuss key knowledge gaps and assemble a list of potential research priorities to fill these gaps.

The symposium included scientific presentations and panel discussions with experts from private, state, federal, and academic backgrounds on the current status of Chinook Salmon stocks in Alaska and what kind of information is needed to better understand and respond to the recent declines in Chinook salmon.

Questions and comments from members of the public and interest groups collected both during the symposium and from the web before the symposium were used during facilitated discussions with presenters and panelists to help identify knowledge gaps.

An audio recording of the entire proceedings as well as copies of the presentations given during the symposium and a summary of the public input are available on this web page. The symposium proceedings, including presentation abstracts, will also be published as a report later this year.

A draft analysis of knowledge gaps was developed by ADF&G scientists and made available October 8, 2012: 2012 Chinook Gap Analysis (PDF 169 kB).

The input from the symposium as well as the Gap Analysis assisted in developing a long-term Chinook Salmon Research Plan.

Symposium Documents