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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA Fisheries - National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) The mission of the NOAA Fisheries is stewardship of living marine resources for the benefit of the nation through their science-based conservation and management and promotion of the health of their environment The Alaska Region of NOAA Fisheries oversees sustainable fisheries that produce about half the fish caught in US waters, with responsibilities covering 842,000 square nautical miles in the area 3 – 200 miles off Alaska (known as the federal Exclusive Economic Zone – EEZ). The Alaska Region also works to ensure the viability of protected species—principally marine mammals—and to protect and enhance Alaska's marine habitat. The Department of Fish and Game works extensively with NMFS on management of fisheries resources and habitat in the EEZ, and the coordination of those fisheries with activities that take place in state waters.
NOAA Alaska Region
NOAA also has a number of other program and research offices (e.g. National Ocean Service; National Weather Service; Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research) that provide important services in Alaska. Descriptions of those services and how to access them are found at http://www.legislative.noaa.gov/NIYS/index.html (click on Alaska).