Professional Licenses
Sport Fish Guides and Charters

Electronic Logbook (eLogbook)

A charter business will be issued an eLogbook upon request. During the season, all operators can choose to report their guided activities with either the saltwater Logbook or the eLogbook. Once issued, it is not required that all guides use the eLogbook.

If a guide wants to use the eLogbook, they will be given a link by the business owner. If a guide wants to try the eLogbook but later changes their mind, they can go back to using a paper logbook.

It is the guide’s responsibility to make sure that ALL trip data is reported, either with the eLogbook or with the paper logbook but not both.

NOTE: All sport fish guide businesses operating in Southeast Alaska saltwaters will be required to use the eLogbook to report their sport fish guiding activities.

One paper logbook per vessel will be available to use as a backup.

Once the application is downloaded to a mobile device, trips can be recorded without internet connectivity. As soon as the guide returns to a location with internet connectivity, the trip can be uploaded.

When using the eLogbook:

  1. You will need to follow all instructions in the paper logbook including when logbook pages must be completed and the timelines for submitting trips.
  2. You must allow any law enforcement officer or a representative of ADF&G to inspect the eLogbook trip data (stored on the device), if requested.
  3. In the unlikely event of a technical difficulty, you agree to contact ADF&G at (907) 267-2299 within 24 hours (or the next ADF&G business day).

ADF&G recommends keeping a paper logbook backup onboard each vessel in the event of a technical difficulty.

See the FAQ for more information.

If you are planning on using the eLogbook during the season, prior to taking any trips, please ensure that you have the following:

  1. Updated your mobile device to the most current operating system, and
  2. Connected your mobile device to the internet and updated your eLogbook application to the most current version.

Failure to complete the steps above may result in the inability to submit your trip information electronically to ADF&G.

eLogbook Tutorial Videos

These short, 2-5 minutes videos are here to help you become familiar with the eLogbook. For clarity, we encourage you to watch the videos in order. If you already are an eLogbook user, it may be helpful for you to have your eLogbook application on hand as you watch the videos. *

* The information provided in these videos is for educational purposes only. The videos include hypothetical examples to illustrate how to use the eLogbook applications. The videos include the use of fictitious individuals and entities, such as guides, anglers and sport fish businesses. Furthermore, the examples used in the videos do not reflect specific regulations in a given region at any given time.