ADF&G's Trophy Fish Program
Sport Fishing

Anglers have been participating since the 1960s in the ADF&G Trophy Fish Program, which gives special recognition to anglers taking fish that meet minimum weight (trophy certificates) or length standards (catch-and-release certificates) within a species. Trophy fish for both certificates must be legally caught from waters open to the public, in compliance with current ADF&G sport fishing regulations.

There is a Youth Category for the Trophy Fish Program, open to anglers 15 years of age or younger.

Catch-and-Release Certificate

For catch-and-release certificates, it’s best not to remove your fish from the water. Hold it just at the water’s surface while a photograph is quickly taken, then release it into the current. Minimum lengths for catch-and-release certificates are listed in the table below. Not applicable to all species
Catch & Release Affidavit

Trophy Fish Certificate

Minimum weights for trophy fish certificates are listed on the table below. Entries must be weighed in the presence of at least one witness or a Trophy Fish Official, on a scale currently certified by the Division of Weights and Measures.
Trophy Fish Affidavit

Alaska State Trophy Fish Recordholders
Species Trophy Certificate Min. Weight Catch & Release Certificate Min. Length Recordholders
lbs/oz Year Location Angler
Arctic Char/Dolly Varden 10 lbs30 inches27/62002Wulik RiverMike Curtiss
Brook trout 3 lbs20 inches3/42012Green LakeKyle Kitka
Burbot 8 lbs32 inches24/121976Lake LouiseGeorge R. Howard
King salmon (from Kenai River) 75 lbsN/A97/41985Kenai RiverLester Anderson
King salmon (from other waters) 50 lbsN/A
Chum salmon 15 lbsN/A32/01985Caamano PointFredrick Thynes
Coho salmon 20 lbsN/A26/01976Icy StraitAndrew Robbins
Cutthroat trout 3 lbs20 inches8/61977Wilson LakeRobert Denison
Grayling 3 lbs18 inches5/12008Fish RiverPeter Cockwill
Halibut 250 lbsN/A459/01996Unalaska BayJack Tragis
Lake trout 20 lbs36 inches47/01970Clarence LakeDaniel Thorsness
Lingcod 55 lbs53 inches81/62002Monty IslandCharles Curny
Northern pike 15 lbs40 inches38/81991Innoko RiverJack Wagner
Pink salmon 8 lbsN/A13/72016Kenai RiverRobert Dubar
Rainbow/Steelhead trout 15 lbs32 inches42/31970Bell IslandDavid White
Rockfish 18 lbsN/A39/12013SitkaHenry Lieberman
Sheefish 30 lbs36 inches53/01986Pah RiverLawrence E. Hudnall
Sockeye salmon 12 lbsN/A16/01974Kenai RiverChuck Leach
Whitefish 4 lbsN/A9/01989Tozitna RiverAl Mathews