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Hunting & Trapping
Announcements and Emergency Orders

Emergency orders (issued under authority of AS 16.05.060) are used to open and close hunting or trapping seasons or areas. Emergency orders have the same force and effect as regulations of the Board of Game and statutes enacted by the Legislature, and they carry the same penalties for violation. The emergency orders listed below amend or supplement the hunting and/or trapping seasons and bag limits as described in Alaska Hunting and Trapping Regulations.

Current Announcements and Emergency Orders


Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
05/12/2014   View WAH Press Release 5-12-2014
08/22/2013   View Waterfowl Hunters Advised of Regulations Changes, Summary Booklet Errors

Region 1

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
08/20/2013   View Haines TM059 Moose Meeting

Region 2

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
07/08/2014 02-02-14   Region II Lynx harvest tracking strategy
10/28/2013   View RG862 - 20 Mile Goat Hunt Opens
09/18/2013   View Port Valdez North Goat Hunt to Open on October 1

Region 3

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
07/01/2014   View 21E moose permits available online 6-13-14
06/27/2014 03-04-14   Ptarmigan Tracking
06/26/2014 03-03-14 View Fortymile Caribou Hunting Season Delayed
05/12/2014   View North Slope Moose Hunt Closed
04/07/2014   View Interior Surplus permits available
02/14/2014   View Unit 20A Anterless Moose Permits Won't be Issued
12/05/2013   View Avain Cholera detected on St. Lawrence Island poses no human health risk
10/31/2013   View Winter Fortymile Hunt Cancelled
09/19/2013   View Antlerless Moose Permits Available September 27 for Unit 20A
07/29/2013   View Antlerless Moose Permits to be Issued in Nenana

Region 4

No emergency orders that are currently in effect have been posted for Region 4.

Region 5

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
07/21/2014   View Unit 22C Tier II Muskox Hunt Changes
05/15/2014 05-05-14   ADF&G Closes Moose Hunts in Unit 26(A)

Visit the archives page to see Emergency Orders from the previous regulatory year.

Get Adobe Acrobat Some Emergency Orders are available only as PDF (Portable Document Format) files and require Acrobat Reader for access. If not already installed in your browser, you can download Acrobat Reader (at no cost) directly from Adobe.

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