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November 12, 2014

Winter ocean fishing in the Yakutat area can be productive for winter kings from October on into spring. Winter kings will often congregate and feed in the inner coves of Yakutat Bay. Weather conditions are typically adverse and picking your days will guide your success.

Fall and winter angling reports
Fall and winter fishing in the Yakutat area is primarily focused on steelhead in the Situk River. Fish reports posted as Steelhead Updates will be intermittent throughout the winter months as conditions change.

Steelhead Update

Steelhead angling has been good these last few days as the water conditions have lowered and improved for good river access. Rainbow trout and a few more rare cutthroat are also spread out on down past the 9 mile bridge. Access is easy to all points on the river as no snow has fallen yet this year. Water temperatures are just now getting down to normal for this time of year. River waters will likely start to freeze up soon and the fish will move up river.

Coho spawners are still abundant throughout the watershed. Dolly Varden are starting to move off into their wintering areas, but are still abundant behind spawning coho.

Weather conditions in Yakutat in the fall and winter can limit your access to the Situk River. Anglers should be prepared for potential weather related delays and be aware that roads may become totally impassable any time after October 1st due to heavy rains and or snow. Impassable road conditions may not be repaired until spring.



For further information, anglers can call Brian Marston at the ADF&G, Division of Sport Fish in Yakutat, at (907) 784-3222.

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