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July 06, 2014

Freshwater Angling Update

Situk River- The Situk sockeye fishery has picked up in the lower river. Almost 7,000 fish passed the weir on Saturday night. Anglers were finding large schools going up the river with the tides, and many fish holding in the lower pools. Water conditions are low and warm again, and rain will be needed to get those fish to move up river.

Anglers at 9 mile bridge are getting good fishing in spurts as the fish move on the higher water events.

Dolly Varden are also now very abundant in the lower river and some large fish over 4 lbs. have been taken. Anglers should remember that all snagging is not legal in fresh waters, and all fish must be returned to the river if foul hooked regardless of intent or species.

Foreland streams - The Akwe and Italio river sockeye angling has picked up a bit but those streams are very low in flow rate right now. Expect that fish may move into the lower river and move back out with the tides until we get some good rains in those and other smaller foreland streams.

Cutthroat trout are pooling up in the large pools in small foreland streams. Water conditions are forcing the fish into the larger pools and around woody debris. A stealthy approach and light tackle is needed so as not to spook these fish in the low clear water.

Some chum salmon, a rarity in this area, have been seen in Yakutat area streams.

Marine Angling

Halibut angling continues to be strong in the Yakutat area. SE winds are stirring up the swell making angling a little tough, but the results are worth the wait. Winds often calm late in the evening also.

Lingcod angling is improving. Anglers are getting nice lings off of Ocean cape and in other rocky or pinnacle areas.

Chinook salmon angling is getting spotty but some days are hot for those fish still as well.

Coho salmon are begining to show in the Yakutat area salt water fisheries.  Expect that these fish will get more common as we get into late July, and they should peak in early to mid August for salt water angling.

Regulations require all chartered anglers to use a deepwater release device if they release non pelagic rockfish.

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